Sports Clubs & Team Sports

Listed here are professional and amateur sports clubs and teams in Rotterdam, The Hague (Den Haag), Delft, Leiden, Wassenaar and surrounding areas of Zuid-Holland including hockey, tennis, football (soccer), running, badminton, equestrian, bowling, gymnastics, swimming, rowing, basketball, rugby and volleyball. 

Snel & Lenig Sports Club
Sports association in Wassenaar offering recreational training in a number of sports including gymnastics, judo, karate, ballet, modern and street dance, aerobics, table tennis. Locations: Schulpwei, Jan Baptistschool, Bonifactuisschool, Den Deijlschool
Ice Hockey Club Dordrecht Lions
Dordrecht ice hockey club which competes in the Dutch Premier League in the Netherlands. The playing season runs Sept to April. Home matches are played at Sportboulevard Dordrecht Ijsbaan, Fanny Blankers-Koenweg 10, 3318 AX Dordrecht
The Hague Roadrunners
Largest running club in The Hague area, with over 800 members including expats. Offers training for all ability levels 5K to marathon (42K). Mon, Thu, Fri at 18:45, Sat, Sun at 09:00. Clubhouse: Groenendaal 11, 2244 BK Wassenaar
Volleyball Club Delta
Volleyball club in Delft open to all akill levels. There are several mens, womens and childrens teams, both competitive (tournaments) and recreational. Practices take place at Sporthal Kerkpolder - Kerkpolderweg 14, 2625 EB Delft
Lightning Leiden
Zuid-Holland American football club in Leiden. Junior and senior teams. Flag football from age 4, contact football from age 14. Training at Sportpark Montgomery on Wed, Fri, Sun. Bus 4 (de Bazelstraat). Montgomerystraat 50A, 2321 CC Leiden
Tennis School Delfts Dubbel
Tennis club in Delft offering lessons for all ages, including special programs for Juniors (ages 4-17) and seniors (ages 55 ). Classes taught at DSV Concordia sport facility in Delft (northeast of city center). Lausbergstraat 51, 2628 LA Delft
Rugby Club Leiden
The Leiden rugby club Diok has over 300 members and has organized division teams for men, women, youth, children and seniors. The practice fields are located next to the Rijn in the Mors district. Bus 43 (Rhijnhof). Smaragdlaan 101, Leiden
Haagsche Rugby Club
The Hague rugby club offers mens, womens and juniors teams for players at all skill levels. Members are Dutch locals and expat residents. Training twice a week in Benoordenhout (Duinzigt). Theo Mann Bouwmeesterlaan 800, 2597 HM Den Haag
SSV De Vrijheid Leiderdorp
Skeet shooting club in Leiden area established for over 50 years with more than 500 members including both recreational and competitive shooters. 25 and 50 meter courses fully covered and heated. De Bloemerd 4, Leiderdorp
Duindorp S.A. Football
The Hague amateur football (soccer) team. Its top level team plays in the Dutch national football league, third tier. Teams and training at all levels, from young children to seniors. Tram 12 (Dr van Welylaan). Houtrustlaan 1, 2566 ZW Den Haag
HYS Ice Hockey Club
The Hague professional ice hockey sports team which competes in the Dutch Premiere League. Home matches are played on the ice at De Uithof sport centrum. The season runs September to April. Jaap Edenweg 10, 2544 NL Den Haag
Forward Lease Rotterdam
Professional basketball team in Rotterdam plays in the Dutch basketball associations highest league division (Ere Divisie). Home games are played at Topsportcentrum Rotterdam in Feijenoord district - Van Zandvlietplein 20, Rotterdam-Zuid
Kralingsche Zeilclub Rotterdam
Sailing club in Rotterdam Kralingse Plas area, on the lake. Clubhouse Mon to Fri 10:00-20:00. Sailing lessons for children/teens. Various water sports. Approximately 300 members. Tram 7 (Boezemstraat). Langepad 25, 3062 CJ Rotterdam
KNZB West Regional Tennis Association
The Royal Dutch Swimming Association division which covers the Haaglanden, Rotterdam and Gouwe Rijnstreek region. It is the official national sportbonds group for swimming, diving, waterpolo and sychronized swimming.
Rijswijkse Hockey Club
Hockey club in Rijswijk with mens, womens, boys and girls teams. Over 900 members. Expats welcome. Mens team plays 2nd level national league. The practice fields are located between Elsenburgerbos and Wilhelminapark. Lange Kleiweg 106, 2288 GR Rijswijk
DHC Table Tennis Association
Table tennis club  in Delft founded in 1946. Currently approximately 100 members with senior and youth leagues. Practices are held at Sportzaal Parkschool - Poptahof Noord 448, 2624 RZ Delft
The Bees Womens Football Club
Womens international football (soccer) team in The Hague welcomes players of all skill levels. Training practice Wednesday evenings at 19:30 at Wilhelmus Club, Sportpark Westvlietweg, Groene Zoom 2, Den Haag
Het Centrum Table Tennis Association
Rotterdam table tennis association located in the Prinsenland area (near Kralingse Bos). Training Mon/Wed/Thu 20:15-22:15 in gymnasium adjacent to clubhouse. Lagelandsepad 12, 3067 XC Rotterdam
Den Haag Ooievaars Aussie Football
Dutch-Australian Football Association (Aussie Rules Football) team which is one of three teams currently in the Dutch league (the others are Amsterdam Devils and Utrecht Saints). National team is The Flying Dutchmen. Aussies and expats welcome
Haag Atletiek Sports Association
The Hague track and field athletic club is one of the largest in the country with over 1,500 members. Members can participate in recreational and competitive training for running, javelin, long and high jumping (from age 7 years and up). Clubhouse at&nbsp...
Roze Blok Delft
Gay sports club in The Hague area (Delft) offering volleyball, badminton and tennis. Open to all skill levels who have an interest in the sports. Practice and training on Sunday nights at Tantof Sporthal Zuid, Henk van Riessenlaan 3, 2626 AB Delft
Badminton Club Wassenaar
Badminton club in Wassenaar offers both recreational and competitive teams for adults and youth. The club plays/trains at De Schulpwei sports hall on Monday and Thursday nights and Saturday. Dr. Mansveltkade 1, Wassenaar
R.S.R. Marcroix Equestrian Club
Student horseback riding club in Rotterdam Kralingse Bos area. Open to all students with an interest in equestrian activities. The association meets for dinner at the Jockey Club each Wednesday at 19:00. Kralingseweg 120, 3062 CG Rotterdam
Oegstgeest Gymnastics Association
Leiden area gymnastics association and club offers training for girls by age group starting with 4-5 year olds. Boys gymnastics training is one group ages 6-11. Bus 187 (Haaswijklaan). Martinus Nijhofflaan 11, 2343 KE Oegstgeest.
Delft Student Rowing Club Laga
South Holland student rowing club in Delft is one of the largest in the Netherlands with over 700 members. Both womens and mens teams. Registration is in September. Nieuwelaan 53, 2611 RR Delft
R.H.V Leonidas Hockey Club
Rotterdam field hockey club in De Esch area. Training for boys/girls ages 5 and up. Junior, senior leagues for teenagers. Club tournament. Membership required. Tram 21, 24 (Nesserdijk). Toepad 95A, 3063 NJ Rotterdam
A.R.S.R. Skadi
Rotterdam student rowing club which competes both nationally and internationally. Teams at middle years and senior levels. Tram 4,8 (Soetendaalseweg). Noorderkanaalweg 20-22, 3037 AV Rotterdam
Den Haag Lacrosse
Mens, womens and youth (ages 11-16) lacrosse teams in The Hague training every Monday and Wednesday. Training takes places at the V.U.C. field in the Mariahoeve area. Tram 6 (Reigersbergenweg). Het Kleine Loo 1, 2592 BW Den Haag.
Alexandria '66 Table Tennis Association
Table tennis club in Rotterdam Prinsenland area. 3 membership types: junior (under age 18), adult (age 18 ), senior (age 65 ). Training practices and tournaments organized. Tattistraat 23-25, 3066 CE Rotterdam (entrance located on Romanohof)
Badminton Club Ommoord
Badminton club in Rotterdam for adults and juniors. All levels welcome. Club competitions. Training is at WION-hal in the Ommoord district, Max Planckplaats 300, 3068 ZH Rotterdam
Haagse Sports Camps
Summer sport camps in The Hague for children ages 4-14. Camps offered in dance, tennis, beach volleyball, gymnastics, surfing and Dutch language. Location: sports complex of The Hague University for Sports Studies, Laan van Poot 363, 2566DA Den Haag
DIJC Running Club Delft
Originally established as an ice skating group, the DIJC has transitioned into a running club during its 125 year history in Delft. Regular group training Tues 19:30-21:00, endurance training Fri 19:30, weightloss group Sat 10:00. Clubhouse in Partycentr...
Rugby Club Delft
Mens, womens, youth and seniors rugby teams in Delft. Open to rugby lovers of all skill levels. The largest of 4 rugby clubs in Delft with over 300 members. Founded in 1974. Bus 81 (Delftse Hout). Bieslandsepad 16, 2616 LL Delft
STGV Voorschoten Ice Skating Club
Ice skating club in Leiden area with around 200 members. Activities in Fall/Winter. Offers training for youth (age 6 ) and adults. Lessons at Leiden ice rink or De Uithof (The Hague). Clubhouse: Anthoni van Leeuwenhoekkade 38, 2251JS Voorschoten
Zoetermeer Panthers Ice Hockey Club
Professional Dutch ice hockey team which competes in the Benelux regional league in Europe. Home field is Silverdome - Van der Hagenstraat 20, 2722 NT Zoetermeer
Akido Leiden
Traditional martial arts form of self-defense which has grown in popularity in Holland. This center and club in Leiden offers Akido classes, training and practice for all ages. Facility location is at P.C. Hooftlaan 13, 2332 AX Leiden
Hockey Club Klein Switzerland
Hockey club in The Hague Little Switzerland area. Mens, womens and youth teams. Indoor and outdoor field hockey. The club competes at the top level in the Dutch League. Clubhouse. Klatteweg 113, 2597 KA Den Haag
Lange Poten
Gay volleyball club in The Hague area. Wednesday evening training sessions 20:30-22:15 at Maartenshal - Marcellus Emantslaan 3, Voorburg (Sept -June) and on Scheveningen Beach (July-Aug). Maartenshal can be reached by Tram 2 (Msgr van Steelaan)
Leiden Road Runners
Running club in Leiden for all ability levels, from marathon competitors to complete beginners. Weekly training, ladies group, walking and hiking groups. Periodic social events. Voorschoterweg 8,2324 NE Leiden
Ring Pass Delft
Sports club with adult, youth and children's (ages 6 ) field hockey teams in Delft Hof van Delft district (northwest). Weekly training, hockey academy and school holiday sport camps. Bus 81 (Parkzoom). Westblok 1, 2614 VE Delft
ADO Den Haag
Dutch professional football (soccer) team based in The Hague which competes in the Eredivisie of the national football league. Kyocera Stadium - Haags Kwartier 55, 2491 BM Den Haag
Pingwins Table Tennis Association
Ping pong (table tennis) club in The Hague. Training for adult beg/int on Tue evenings, for children on Thu. Competitive play Tue to Fri nights. Tram 3 (Elandstraat) Max Velthuijs School sports hall (Zeeheldenkwartier). Da Costastraat 40, 2513 RP Den Haag
De Sprinters Canoeing Club
Zoetermeer canoeing club actively mainly from April to September when it meets on Wednesday evenings. All skill levels are welcome. Canoers, kayakers, rowers. Occasional trips for whitewater activities. Clubhouse at Annaplaats 14, 2713 AL Zoetermeer
Haagse Ice Skating Club Houtrust
Ice skating club in The Hague run by Dutch figure skating national champions and finalists in the world competition. Training for children ages 3 years and older at De Uithof (Tram 4), Jaap Edenweg 10, 2544 NL Den Haag
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Sparta Rotterdam
One of 3 professional football (soccer) teams from Rotterdam (others Feyenoord, Excelsior). Currently plays in the Eerste (Level I) division. Club and clubhouse, training and activities for children, business group. Spartapark-Noord 1, Rotterdam
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De Zijl Waterpolo
Leiden waterpolo club offers mens, womens and youth training divisions. The club's top mens and womens teams both compete in the Dutch eerste divisie (highest level). Training is at multiple pool locations. Clubhouse: Paramaribostraat 66a, 2315 VK Leiden
Bluebirds Baseball Delft
American baseball and softball club in Delft with over 300 junior and senior members, both male and female. All skill levels are invited to join. Offers both recreational practice and competitive leagues. Games played near TU Delft
ABF International Sports Club
Non-profit sporting organization in The Hague area which offers training programmes for adults and children of all nationalities. Activities include American baseball and basketball, along with football (soccer) plus social events. Adjacent to ASH at Ammo...
Feyenoord Football Club Rotterdam
Dutch professional football (soccer) team based in Rotterdam. Home stadium is Feijenoord in the De Kuip area of Rotterdam Zuid. The team plays in the Eredivisie, the highest level of the national Dutch football league.
Football Club Rijnland
Football club which competes in the Leiden Amateur Football league. The club currently competes in the level 3 division. In-season practices on Tue and Fri. Games on Sun. Home field is Morsch2, Smaragdlaan 97a, 2332 JP Leiden
JST Waalsdorp Shooting Club
Clay pigeon and skeet shooting club in The Hague - Wassenaar area, located at the start of the dunes. Wed/Fri/Sat 13:00-18:00, Sun 13:00-19:00. Oude Waalsdorperweg, 2579 AK Den Haag
Racing Club Den Haag Swimming
Swimming club in The Hague which offers swimming instruction for boys and girls from beginner to advanced skill level. Practices are at the Hofbad swimming pool, walking distance from Ypenburg station at Ypenburgse Boslaan 30, 2496 ZA Den Haag. 
Volleyball Club Yaarana
Volleyball club in The Hague Moerwijk area offers both women's and men's teams. Practices held Wednesday nights 20:00-21:30 at Sporthal De Verlichting - Roemer Visscherstraat 108 B, 2533 VG Den Haag. Tram 9 (Zuiderpark).