Yoga & Pilates: Gouda Area

Pilates and yoga classes in Gouda area including Centrum, Bloemendal, Reeuwijk, Bodegraven and Schoonhoven). Mat and posture classes, Hatha yoga, Ratha yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram yoga, Vinyasa Flow and meditation class. 

Empower Pilates
Pilates studio and fitness in Gouda city center. Mat classes and apparatus sessions at various levels. Mens-only and womens-only classes also which focus on physical differences. Single visits and package pricing. Peperstraat 78, 2801 RG Gouda
Yvonne Brand Yoga
Yoga classes in Gouda offered by teacher trained in meditation, power yoga, pregnancy yoga, childrens yoga, baby massage. Group and private classes taught at De Goudse Praktijk, Elisabeth Wolffstraat 1, 2806 PJ Gouda
Yoga Studio Vlinder
Gouda yoga studio located to the east of the Centru offers Hatha yoga, power yoga, teen yoga (ages 12-17 yrs), business yoga. Classes taught in the evenings. Burgemeester Martenssingel 15, 2806 CL Gouda
Yoga Centrum Gouda
Yoga center offering classes in Hatha yoga, encompassing Iyangar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bikram and power yoga. Located in the area of De Goene Wal. De Triangel, Coniferensingel 20, 2803 JH Gouda
Present Movement
Gouda Yoga and Pilates classes focused on improving the physical health and mental well-being of students. Studio located at Thorebeckelaan 2, 2805 CA Gouda