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Jamie Oliver New Restaurant Hiring 0 Food & Drink
In case anyone is interested, I came across an article about the new Jamie Oliver restaurant opening this December
started by: H-2-H · last update: 1507897764 · posted: 1507897764
Date dogs allowed on beach in Scheveningen? 1 Pets & Animals
Hi all-Does any one know the date when dogs are allowed back on the beach? I know it is October, just not sure if i
started by: Chakita · last update: 1507848008 · posted: 1507663493
Breastfeeding in Holland 3 Families & Kids
Hi all,A question for mothers out there...or actually anyone really. Just out of curiosity, is it taboo to breastfe
started by: OranjeTulip · last update: 1507724085 · posted: 1471252836
How to switch health insurance companies... 2 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know what you need to do to switch from one health insurance company to a different one here in the Net
started by: DutchGrey · last update: 1506803493 · posted: 1506525671
Annoying phone calls 7 Home & Garden
We seem to have been recently plagued with sales calls around 6 p.m. in the evening, so far we have energy companie
started by: Frankie-773058 · last update: 1506648380 · posted: 1234785931
Where to get rid of used cooking oil in The... 2 Food & Drink
Does anyone know if there is a location near The Hague city center where one can dispose of used cooking oil from a
started by: OranjeTulip · last update: 1505391524 · posted: 1505316557
Lactose free yoghurt 2 Food & Drink
Hi, Does anybody know where I can find a lactose free yoghurt? Not the soy kind, but a normal yoghurt without lacto
started by: Darren-928428 · last update: 1505337464 · posted: 1442662132
Anyone tried new restaurant by Grote Markt... 2 Food & Drink
Does anyone have any feedback about the new restaurant that opened this summer across from the Grote Markt in The H
started by: HaagsExpat · last update: 1504706923 · posted: 1503861945
Gym with Climbing in The Hague 2 Sport & Leisure
Hi, Does anyone know a gym for climbing and/or a climber group in The Hague or nearby? Thanks!!!
started by: Travy · last update: 1503841413 · posted: 1445609562
Tennis racket re-stringer in The Hague 4 Sport & Leisure
Can anyone suggest a tennis racket re-stringer located in The Hague that can turn around a racket within a couple o
started by: USbruceNL · last update: 1503840053 · posted: 1403382951
Transferring title for a new car bought in... 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
I recently bought a car here in Holland and am not exactly sure about the Dutch process of transferring the ownersh
started by: DutchGrey · last update: 1503103358 · posted: 1502657045
What is the deal with Dutch Postal Services... 1 General
I'm confused. I know there is no mail delivery here in Holland on Mondays, but this past Monday I happened to pass
started by: OranjeTulip · last update: 1502656705 · posted: 1502479428
Hi, i'm thinking to move to MIDDELBURG working for a shipyard there, any expat communuty, any sugges
started by: gaia-meucci-903484 · last update: 1502419932 · posted: 1498642563
Bikes on RandstadRail 3 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hey, does anyone know if you can take a bike on the RandstadRail? I know you can't take bikes on trams but does tha
started by: PasDeDutchy · last update: 1500491271 · posted: 1406505019
Brexit Meeting in The Hague 0 General
A friend of mine went to the Brexit meeting last week that was organised by the British Embassy. In case you weren'
started by: H-2-H · last update: 1498991825 · posted: 1498991824
Siret number 1 AngloINFO Support
Hi, I'm an Irish artist registered with Maison des artistes, and I pay my social charges to URSSAF. Up untill now I
started by: Patrick-Stone-903788 · last update: 1498991582 · posted: 1498947178
When do the Dutch hang out the Netherlands... 2 General
I've been here in Holland for a while and I still can't figure this out. On what days do the Dutch hang out the nat
started by: DutchGrey · last update: 1498632160 · posted: 1491908957
UK Foreign Office Q&A for British Nationals... 1 General
Hi All,For British nationals living in Holland, there was an interesting question and answer session yesterday on F
started by: HaagsExpat · last update: 1496452050 · posted: 1491999289
Rent a Bicycle 2 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Where can I find a bicycle to rent in The Hague city center?Thank you.
started by: Lion Tamer · last update: 1495894440 · posted: 1495743631
Ferris Wheel in Scheveningen 2 Entertainment
Does anyone know if the ferris wheel on the pier is operating yet? If so, is it open every day or just weekends?
started by: HaagsExpat · last update: 1495802465 · posted: 1472028471