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I recently bought a car here in Holland and am not exactly sure about the Dutch process of transferring the ownership title. I'm about to receive the registration documents, but I don't have a Dutch driver's licence (I have a British one) or residence card. I do own a house here, pay local taxes and have a BSN number.   Can I just go to the Post Office to transfer title and register the car in my name? Or do I have to go to an RDW office? If so, which one? The car is currently taxed and insured, I think, but the insurance policy is not in my name. Do I need to get a policy before I transfer the registration? If so, where is the best place to get insurance?   Thanks in advance for your help.

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can anyone recommend a place that sells secondhand electric bikes in The Hague or Rijswijk area?

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Hey, does anyone know if you can take a bike on the RandstadRail? I know you can't take bikes on trams but does that apply to tram lines 3&4 (Randstad Rail) that go to Zoetermeer? 

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Where can I find a bicycle to rent in The Hague city center?Thank you.

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We want to buy secondhand bikes for the family - 2 adult bikes and 2 kids bikes. Can anyone recommend a good bike shop in the Dordrecht area please?

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Hi, I've been informed that I might qualify for BO status (no, I wasn't expalined what this stands for) which might make motoring a lot cheaper. I'm told this means no car tax for ten years or import duties on my car or on a new car. I have some questions as it all seemed a bit vague.   1. Who exactly qualifies for this designation? I won't be paying local taxes on income in Holland for my particular employer so it is a certainly I will get it? 2. Do no car taxes mean, no annual tax (mrb) no bpm, no vat on a new car? Or just the first one? Do you only get one mrb or possibly vat free registration of a car? So if I import my own that I wouldnt be able to get a new one without paying these taxes.   

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Does anyone know of a shop in the Hague area that sells secondhand electric cycles?   I would like to try one out but don't want to spend too much at this stage.

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I have a classic sports car (MGB) which requires a new soft top. Does anyone know of somewhere in Holland that can make these please?

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Hey all, The back wheel on my bike has gotten bent, to the point where the tire rubs against the frame. It's pretty much impossible to ride. Can anyone recommend a bike store in The Hague area that has a big selection of bicycle wheels/rims so that hopefully I can find one that will work for my bike. It's an old Giant model (suXes). Any ideas?

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Hello guys. I am planning to take the theory exam from CBR in order to obtain my driver's license. Do you have any suggestions for the materials to study and do they have English exam? If you have experience about this please let me know.

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Does anybody know approximately how long it takes to drive from The Hague to Berlin? Has anybody here done it?Thanks in advance.

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Hello! Could you please recommend a place in The Hague where I can replace my car window at a good price?

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Hi expats! Do you know where can I buy windscreen wipers for my car in Wassenaar? If possible, I am looking for just the rubber line, not the full blade! Thanks in advance!!

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Hi everyone. I'm looking for stores other than prenatal megastores that sell wide range variety of toddler car seats 12 months plus. Preferably in Rotterdam.

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Hello. Can somebody please tell me the cheapest taxi services? I only need for about 4km. Thanks in advance!

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Hi friends. I m looking for driving instructor cheap and reliable, if somebody knows or have good experience let me know in Delft. Thanks!!!

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Hey. Where can I find a bicycle pump around the Wassenaar?

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Hello. Can someone recommend a good and cheap bicycle repair service in Rotterdam?

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Hey guys, I'll have some friends over for a few days soon and I am looking for a place where I can rent bikes in Leiden. Can anyone give me a suggestion?Thanks a lot!

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Hi. I am looking for a second hand adult size hybrid or mountain bike. Please suggest me if you have one for sale. Thanks!

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