started by: HaagsExpat · last update: 1495802465 · posted: 1472028471

Does anyone know if the ferris wheel on the pier is operating yet? If so, is it open every day or just weekends?

started by: DutchGrey · last update: 1495659723 · posted: 1495463221

Where can I find a list of local outdoor public pools in The Hague or at least nearby? Rijswijk, Delft, Voorburg, Leidschendam or Zoetermeer would all be fine. And is the water in the pools heated (does anyone know)?Any feedback would be appreciated.Thanks.

started by: Stany · last update: 1476748275 · posted: 1445954960

Hi. Does anyone know is there any international choir in Rotterdam?

started by: Lincon-937547 · last update: 1476401815 · posted: 1440078429

Hi. Has anyone found a good app for learning Dutch?

started by: Kyler · last update: 1456724340 · posted: 1456581584

Hi ! Does anyone know a tv channel or website where I can watch the oscars ceremony live? thanks!

started by: Lincon-937547 · last update: 1454578833 · posted: 1454578833

Hello. Is there a cool Superbowl party in Wassenaar on Sunday? Any recommendations are highly appreciated!!!

started by: Gilly-928426 · last update: 1453476308 · posted: 1453458212

Hello eveyone. Please suggest where I can buy Chinese mahjong set in Delft?

started by: Stany · last update: 1452510791 · posted: 1452508559

Hello Expats! Does anybody know, whether there are any live-drawing sessions in Leiden?

started by: Kyler · last update: 1451992315 · posted: 1451915381

Hi guys, Do you know about a karaoke bar in the Hague? Many thanks!!!

started by: Aly-yo · last update: 1451382841 · posted: 1451312213

Hi. Can someone recommend a nice New Year event in Rotterdam? Thx in advance!

started by: Stanley-986688 · last update: 1451125117 · posted: 1450966077

Hello expats! Is there any place in Delft (church or something else) in which Christmas carols will be sung (in English)?

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1451053016 · posted: 1451053016

Hello... Is the rink tomorrow open for skating in Delft?

started by: Nelson-928979 · last update: 1450275142 · posted: 1450275142

Hello all! I was wondering whether you have any idea where I can find artificial snow?

started by: Gilly-928426 · last update: 1449491659 · posted: 1449136380

Hello everyone! I am interested in singing lessons. Does anyone know a good teacher in Rotterdam?

started by: Travy · last update: 1447855555 · posted: 1447767409

Do you know where I can buy english newspapers? Not really concerned about finance, more on politics.

started by: sadhna-928441 · last update: 1446722537 · posted: 1446722537

Hi folks! Are there any Bonfire Night events going on in Rotterdam this weekend? Not expecting much given the lack of access of fireworks at this time of year but it's still worth asking anyway.

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1445078822 · posted: 1445078822

Does anyone know about a good place to party on night?

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1443974658 · posted: 1442411808

Hi. I am looking to find out a little about Halloween in Rotterdam.

started by: Brany · last update: 1442946031 · posted: 1442930888

Hi, Do you Guys know if any Halloween events happening on Sunday, Nov 1st in South Holland? My son will miss the trick or treat on Saturday evening.

started by: Stone-929609 · last update: 1442671602 · posted: 1442498491

Hello everyone, If someone want to sell new or used deutsch/germany movie (CD) or if you know where the store who sell it in Leiden please PM me.. thanks..

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