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Hey guys!! I am looking for a place that can give a range of baby product and equipment in The Hague for very special member of my family who is joining us for a trip. 

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Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can buy Diddl or Miffy plush toys?

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Hi all,A question for mothers out there...or actually anyone really. Just out of curiosity, is it taboo to breastfeed your baby in public here? Or is that the majority of Dutch or expat moms just don't breastfeed their babies here in Holland?I'm a fairly new mom (4 months), but during that time when I've been out, I've only seen once where a mother was breastfeeding in public. I have seen lots of moms feeding their babies with bottles which made me wonder just how appropriate (or inappropriate) it is for me to be feeding my baby in public.I'd just like to get a feel for whether breastfeeding a baby in public is fine or whether it is frowned upon.Thanks in advance for your input.

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I understand that the Dutch have a progressive view on under age sex amongst the kids. If I've got it right the boy and girl are legally allowed to engage in intercourse if they are both from 13 to 16 years old, but they must both be within this age group. This probably accounts for the fact that Holland has the lowest incidence of unplanned pregnancies in Europe (possibly the world) as the kids are guided and have access to contraception in independent sex care centres. What has happened to the UK in this respect. Maybe they they should look at this idea seriously. What are the moral implications? Living in Holland I don't see any overtly amoral affects on the Dutch people around me, in fact the opposite seems to be the case in England. Jer

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What seems to be the policy on drugs in the schools? I just heard about an incident from some Mum's who said that a girl was expelled from one of the International school for taking a class A drug. Seems pretty serious, I wuld have thought some education of such drugs would be taught in a school like that. I have kids going up to Senior school soon and things like this terrifys me.

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Once again I am going to be on my own again this weekend, has anyone got any ideas of things to do with the kids? The weather forecast doesn't look great and we did the cinema last week, just looking for a few ideas to get them away from the play station and the TV. The Hague, Leiden and even Rotterdam would be fine.

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In case it comes in useful to anyone who may be a victim, here are some helpful resources in English about domestic abuse here in Holland.Dealing with Domestic ViolenceArise NL

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Hello,we are looking for a weekly activity for our 4y/o son to do, after school with other English speaking children. Sports, arts, ...do you have any suggestions in The Hague (ideally Scheveningen area)Thank you

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Hi. I am searching for an Intensive English lesson for kids in Wassenaar?

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Hi. Any Halloween kids party on Saturday in Leiden?

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Hi. Where can I get Halloween costumes for kids in Delft?

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Hi everyone, Suggestions for a realy nice playground for 4 and 6 years old kids, or other suggestions how to spend this beautiful day with kids in Rotterdam.

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Hi. I am Looking for an experienced Mandarin Chinese and English speaking nanny/babysitter in Leiden.  Please PM for details.

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Hi. Can someone suggest best HTM/OV chip card subscription for Kids of age 5?

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Hi. Does anyone know a place in Rotterdam where we can donate toys and clothing for children refugees? Thank you!!!

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Any suggestion to spend time indoor with kids, in and around Leiden.

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Hello. does anyone have a child chair to instal on the back part from the bike in Leiden? Please let me know... thanks!

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Hello everyone! My daughter's birthday is in one week. (3 years old) I need to buy some already made-gift bags for the little guests. Any idea? Thank you!

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Hi. Does anyone know if the swimming pools in The Hague are open for kids on a monday morning?

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Hey guyz, I am looking for a baby sitter for 16 till 20 hours in the week. My sons is 10 and 7 year. Thank you.

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