Expats in Zeeland? Middelburg area

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Hi All,   Just wondering if there are any expats families with young children in the Middelburg area. We will be moving to Middelburg in March for my husband's work. Any advice on this area, primary schools or any tips in general for an english speaking family would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Lesley


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Hi Ibreau, I am not sure if you have had much reply, but by now you are probably settled into Middleburg area.  I live in Goes area, about 20 km out of Middleburgh and have young kids myself.  A group you may like to (if you have not already) joined is Women's International Group Zeeland, and has many women/families within the area who can help answer some/most questions that you may have to help you settle in.  There are also many women in and around Middleburgh who maybe able to help you on that site.  Hope that helps, even if its a bit late.  

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Hi Lesley and nzgirl,

I just saw this post now. I am a New Zealander living with my Australian husband and almost one year old twin boys in Vlissingen. We have been here for four years now.

If either or both of you want to meet up for a chat or something, it would be fun! It's always nice to meet new people.

Not sure how to get in contact privately, but let me know if you are interested.



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Hi again,


After much searching and a few months to get everything settled, we are also living in Vlissingen! Would love to meet up at some point. You can email me at


Chat soon hopefully!


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