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Hello. Please could I have some advice about the tax return we have to file here? It's my first year here and I'm really confused about it...... Dates, form numbers etc. Thank you!!!

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Hello! Can anyone recommend a good makelaar and mortgage company or tell us who to avoid! Thank you very much!

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Hi-Can someone tell me if there is any difference (and if so what it is) between a sworn translator and a certified translator? I've seen both terms used and was wondering if they are one and the same (i.e. interchangeable), or if there is a difference between them?I'm confused by this. Help please!

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Hello, does anyone know a Dutch lawyer in Rotterdam dealing with cases landlord/foreign students please? (unpaid deposits, destroyed furniture etc).

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Hello. I'm in the process of creating a foundation for a social project I'm running in the field of migration and I was wondering if anyone here can recommend a notary with a decent price in Leiden or around? Many thanks!

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Dear all, could anyone advise a tutor for Dutch language? I have got my NTII2 years ago, and my conversational level is ok, but I would like to improve it to "business" level - business and financial vocabulary etc, overall fluency. Any recommendations near Delft?

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Hi guys, I am looking for English speaking accountant in Rotterdam. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi. My friend just arrived in Leiden and needs to exchange US dollars to euros. Anyone knows any place we could get good exchange rate? Thanks lots!

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Hi. Does anyone please good lawyer knows the marriage of foreigners and appeal?

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Hi. Does anyone know a good criminal lawyer in Leiden?

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Does anyone know which travel insurance should I take if I am flying out of South Holland for a week?

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Hi Everyone. I am in Wassenaar for a few months and I need to open a bank account here. Could anybody recommend a bank that's best for a short term student account? Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi. I can't find Rabobanks Iban (so not my own, but theirs) need it to get the money. Please suggest me. Thnx in advance!

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Hi. I need to transfer money from a British account to a Dutch one, does anyone know the best but cheapest service to use in Rotterdam?

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Hi. Does anyone know how to deposit coins at a bank?

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Hi. Does any body know how much is the annual interest rate from bank loans?

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Hi. I need a yearly income, assets, and tax declaration. Does anybody know where I can obtain this document please?

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Hi. Does anyone know where I can exchange dollars to euro's at a good rate anywhere in the Rotterdam?

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