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In case anyone is interested, I came across an article about the new Jamie Oliver restaurant opening this December in Rotterdam. It's going to be the first 'Jamie Oliver Diner' in the Netherlands and will be located near Central Station and the Weena. They are currently hiring staff for the restaurant (the main purpose of this post, to let people know). So if you are interested, go for it (I assume you may need to speak Dutch, but not sure about that). Here is a list of the positions they are hiring for.

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Does anyone know if there is a location near The Hague city center where one can dispose of used cooking oil from a deep fryer?

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Hi, Does anybody know where I can find a lactose free yoghurt? Not the soy kind, but a normal yoghurt without lactose. Thank you!

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Does anyone have any feedback about the new restaurant that opened this summer across from the Grote Markt in The Hague?I've passed it a couple of times when I was on my bike but only just noticed the last time that it looked like it has an outdoor terrace on the roof. Don't know if that is for dining or just drinks as it looked like the people up there had cocktails in their hands.Anyway, if you have any more info (like the name of the place), would appreciate it.

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As this was the third year I've made oliebollen, and finally got them to come out exactly right, I thought I would pass along some info which may be useful for any expats attempting to make them for the first time.- The directions will probably say after mixing the water with the batter, to cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for 45 minutes. I suggest leaving it in for at least 60 mins if not 75 mins.- The ones I just made had raisins (which is fairly common to add). But in addition I also added chopped walnuts and dried cranberries. Those 3 extra ingredients make for super tasty oliebollen.- Use the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of the finished batter for each oliebaal. If you don't have a big enough ladle to drop that amount into the deep fryer at one time, consider using an extra-small bowl to create the portion before dropping it into the deep fryer.- Last but not least, cook it in the deep fryer for 10 mins (at 5 mins, rotate them so that the uncooked side is now face down, and the already cooked side is the one facing up.The rest of the preparation and cooking is per the directions. Only the points above are the ones which will deviate from those on the box.Good luck and enjoy! 

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Can someone recommend a top quality wine merchant please? I want to buy something special for a friend.

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I can't find any Philadelphia cheese to make the cheesecake I'd planned to make for a dinner party this evening. Any ideas on what Dutch aalternatives I could use?

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Hi. Anyone know where to find stuffing?

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Hello. Does anyone have any recommendations of a nice restaurant to go to for Valentines day?

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Hello, We are looking for a tasty English breakfast in Ledien. Could someone recommend a nice place? Thanks!

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Hi. Does anyone know where I can get Kombucha tea and Kefir in Rotterdam?

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Hello. Any know where I could find corn tortillas in Rotterdam? Thanks!!!

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Hi everyone, Anyone know the best tepanyaki restaurant in Wassenaar?

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Hello guys, do you know where I can buy cookie crumbles for the bottom of cheesecake in The Hague? Thanks!!!

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Hello everyone, I have a question about where to purchase bakery supplies, such as colorant, topping, fondant, etc in Delft.  Please let me know if you have something to recommend. Thanks!

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Hello. Can someone recommend a decent (good food very important) Thai or Indonesian place for a quiet date night in The Hague?

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Hello everyone. Where in The Hague could I find smoked tofu?

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Hello everyon. Where can I buy cocktail form supplies around Leiden?

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Hi. Anyone know where to find spaghetti squash? I never see it in the Delft. Thanks.

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Hi eveyone. Can recommend a good and well priced Chinese or Indonesian restaurant in The Hague?

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