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Hi, I own 3 apartments in Benidorm, Spain and am looking to rent them out - either short term or long term.What are the best websites in the Netherlands to advertise these fully equipped apartments for holiday rentals?Thank you for your responses.

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I'm confused. I know there is no mail delivery here in Holland on Mondays, but this past Monday I happened to pass a PostNL location in The Hague and was surprised to see it was open.What's the deal? Are Dutch post offices open on Monday and there is just no mail delivery? If so, that seems odd, no?

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Hi, i'm thinking to move to MIDDELBURG working for a shipyard there, any expat communuty, any suggestion?Thank you!!!!

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A friend of mine went to the Brexit meeting last week that was organised by the British Embassy. In case you weren't able to make it, here is what my friend who did attend told me about it in case it is helpful..."Just a brief up-date.  I did attend on Tuesday.  I would say that there were about 50 in attendance.  The ambassador kicked off the meeting and introduced two other colleagues from the embassy and three people from Den Haag Gemeente.  He said that the meeting was essentially an open forum for people to air their views and put forward questions.  He said that this was the first of many forums they are hoping to hold in order to keep us advised.  Many questions were put forward and concerns aired.  Many thought that the UK government was only concerned about is EU citizens living in the UK and very little information was coming from them about UK citizens living abroad.  I have to agree with that one!  A document was available entitled “Safeguarding the Position of EU Citizens Living in the UK and UK Nationals Living in the EU”.  Actually there is precious little in it about the latter category.  One attendee even suggested that we should get together to form a lobby group!The ambassador stated that whatever deal is negotiated for EU nationals living in UK is likely to be reciprocated by the other EU countries, but there could be small differences for each individual country.  There were discussions about applying for a Dutch Passport, couples in mixed nationality marriages, the “5 year residency” issue and children studying abroad.  There was a lot of discussion about the benefit of having a Dutch ID card.  A learned gentleman from the TU in Delft, seemed to have a lot of information about the benefits of owning one and referred to it as a “Permanent Residency Card.  It was pointed out by someone that these cards are actually only valid for 5 years.  “Mr. TU” had it on good authority that although that was correct, in as much as there is an expiry date printed on each card, it purely means that the card had to be “renewed” after 5 years and that process was automatic (provided you just ask for a new one).  The point was also made that the cards are only valid whilst the UK are in the Union.  Mr. TU countered that he had specifically enquired about this point and that these cards are issued under a law emanating from Luxemburg, long prior to the Union.  A representative from the embassy said that he would recommend doing nothing about applying for passports or residency permits at the moment; wait and see what happens.  Making applications now could tie you up in all sorts of bureaucracy and take you down a path that you would not want go.  Quite what that implied I do not know.  A comment from the ambassador led me to believe that he didn’t entirely agree with this comment.  The embassy now intend to send out information as and when they receive it to all the email addresses they have amassed in this process.  They will also keep their website up-to-date, of course, and also (at the request of the attendees) add useful links.  The three representatives from the DH Gemeente said that anyone could approach them for advice any time, whether they lived in DH or elsewhere.  I asked why Rotterdam (always waving the flat!) had been left out as a possible venue for these meetings.  The ambassador said that they would be happy to and asked if I thought enough people lived in Rotterdam to warrant it.    Basically I was left thinking that the embassy knew nothing more than what is being broadcast on the news and could be found on the internet.  It was interesting to hear the concerns of other Brits. I am pleased I went and will probably go to any future meetings."Cheers,H2H 

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I've been here in Holland for a while and I still can't figure this out. On what days do the Dutch hang out the national flag? Anyone know?I live in the center of The Hague and it makes it even more confusing because the city goes around popping in the Dutch flag on all the neighborhood businesses sometime in April and they usually stay up for a month a two, so can't figure out which days exactly are the ones when you are supposed to fly the Dutch flag.

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Hi All,For British nationals living in Holland, there was an interesting question and answer session yesterday on Facebook Live which featured the Head of the UK Foreign Office in London answering some questions about Brexit and listening to concerns being voiced by Brits currently living in EU countries. Those questions which don't have an answer yet will be added to a list for those people who have been given the responsibility of negotiating terms of Britain's exit from the EU so that they can be addressed during the negotiations. You can watch yesterday's Q&A session on Facebook. 

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Hi all-I was just reading that Hudson's Bay, the Canadian retailer that will be opening 10 department stores here in the Netherlands this year, has started the recruitment process. They're looking for 1,800 workers to fill staff positions at those 10 stores, which include The Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden here in South Holland.I don't know if they will require all employees to be able to speak Dutch or not, but if I hear something, I will add an update to this post. It's a rather unique way they are going about the first screening round. You have to record yourself on video answering the questions posed in a HB recruitment video. Supposedly they are more interested in personality and interest, believeing that those they choose will receive the training they need through their Hudon's Bay Academy. Very progressive, no?Anyway, here is the link to the press release which has more information about what you need to do to be considered in the first round of screening for a job with Hudson's Bay Netherlands.Cheers!

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Can anyone advise us about recycling Rotterdam area please?Having lived in several countries in EU, the recycling varies. Prior to moving here, people always made comments about the fact that Dutch and Germans were so much better at recycling. Since moving to Rotterdam last summer, I remain perplexed as to how this can be true...We have two bins in building (1) blue = paper+cardboard; (2) green = everything else apparently! The only supermarket (of 5) within a 2km radius that takes any recycling is a Jumbo, but takes only certain plastic bottles (and not 50% of the special re-usable ones). Most frustrating is that they accept certain glass bottles that they sell, but not others. Previous year in London we recycled paper, card, glass, alu/steel, plastic on doorstep (and even Pet 1-6 plastic types at Tesco for points). Batteries + oils at local recycling depot. So this means we have gotten so well trained that we feel guilty about NOT recycling! Q: Where can we recycle, glass jars, non-token bottles, cans, etc?

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Hey guys, do you know a shop where I can find bartender stuff? Like, I already have the shaker but the other special tools?Thanks

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Hi friends. Is there a shop in Leiden that sells party goods including helium for balloons? Thanks!

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Hi, My name is Patricia and I am looking for a piano teacher in Rotterdam or Dordrecht. Please contact me if you are interested or you have any suggestion Thank you,

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Hi. Does someone know a bartender school in Rotterdam, or a place where I can take a course (and certificate) in bartending? Thank you in advance!!

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Hi. Anyone know where to find aluminum free deodorant in Delft?

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Hi All, I am looking for a shop in The Hague to buy good sunglasses for my 2 years child. Hope you have some suggestions ! Thanks.

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Hi all,Just wanted to let you know I posted a new blog here on Angloinfo you may be interested in reading. It lists some of the store chains you frequently see on the Dutch High Street and other retail stores that are part of the same company (i.e. have the same parent company). For example, a lot of expats probably aren't aware that Blokker, Xenos, Leen Baker, Bart Smit, Marskramer and Intertoys are all divisions of the same company, Blokker Holder.I know I am often surprised and intrigued when I find out two retailers I thought had no relationship are actually part of the same company. Here is the link: Dutch Retail Chains: who owns who

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Hello! Does anyone know places or people where I can get Swahili lessons in The Hague? Thanks...

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Anybody else excited about the TK Maxx store that will be opening in The Hague in October? I certainly am. Now I won't have to travel to Rotterdam just to shop for great bargains! It really is one of my favorite stores!

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Looking for ideas please, Pancakes I already know about.

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Can some one please explain why we are constantly asked for smaller change as an example in the super market? If I buy something for 8 euros 40 cents, I am always asked for the 40 cents. If I walk into a newsagent at 7 a.m. in the UK and hand over a 20 pound note for a 70p newspaper no one says a word they just hand over 19 pounds and 30p change!

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So many times I open up a cookery book from the UK/US and close it again because I can't get all the ingredients here, for example where can you get double cream to make a cheesecake?

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