started by: Darren-928428 · last update: 1554389391 · posted: 1438076819

Hi. Can anyone recommend furniture stores in Wassenaar? Just moved here and didn't bring any of our furniture from home but wanted to look for a few pieces while we're here. Recommendations are appreciated!

started by: OranjeTulip · last update: 1514286006 · posted: 1512915122

Does anyone know where you can buy Static Guard spray that gets rid of static cling in clothes? It's okay if it is not the same brand name, I just want an anti-static spray. Any stores sell it in The Hague area?Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

started by: Harry-Coulton-913847 · last update: 1512035104 · posted: 1510655264

Dear Reader,I'm looking for any kind of shelter for these colder months. As a professional geologist, I'm used to living in the most basic conditions.The art studio I shared last winter has been demolished :-( .Harry, BSc, LLM.0638648135.

started by: Frankie-773058 · last update: 1506648380 · posted: 1234785931

We seem to have been recently plagued with sales calls around 6 p.m. in the evening, so far we have energy companies, telephone companies and some one trying to sell an Ajax signed football. Most of the time some of the saless people have limited Dutch, and we are not the owners of the house. That time is the 'witching hour' in our house when I have 2 small tired children to get fed and to bed. Is there a way of stopping these calls? In the UK there was a number you could ring and they would stop any callers.

started by: Big Girl-772750 · last update: 1479126235 · posted: 1196944255

Are plans have changed and will be staying in Holland for Christmas after all, first time for us, we usually go back to the UK.. I think I know where to get a Turkey and have seen cranberries in Albert Heijn. I can make a Christmas cake and pudding. Where would I get hold of a ham, christmas crackers, stilton, pickled onions. Can't think of anything else for now.

started by: Travy · last update: 1475787508 · posted: 1432630408

Hey... Would any of you advise me on where could I buy a sliding door? Want one for my room. Thanx!!

started by: Brany · last update: 1475787275 · posted: 1453714590

Hello. Can anyone recommend a place for curtain laundry in The Hague? We have around 20+ pieces and around 80+ sqm2 of curtains, so want some where with reasonable price and good service.

started by: sadhna-928441 · last update: 1468574468 · posted: 1448273768

Hi everyone. Where can I buy mouse traps? Please tell me!!!!

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1467654721 · posted: 1451569665

Hello everyone, I am looking for a handy electrician in Rotterdam. Does anybody know someone?

started by: Lincon-937547 · last update: 1467654537 · posted: 1443447515

Hi everyone. Does anyone know a company or person that may help to transport furniture?

started by: elena davidovska · last update: 1460130910 · posted: 1460130910

Hi guys. I am willing to reccomend a boy that renovate our appartment. The complete renovation took short time and for a very good price. Me and my boyfriend contacted few companies and this guy was the best suitable solution for us. So if anyone need home based services as painting, renovation etc please write here and i will give you his phone number so you can contact him direclty. I am 100% stistufed with his job and some of the expats in Den Hague as well. 

started by: Kyler · last update: 1460130635 · posted: 1451382744

Hello everyone, My heating system and warm water suddenly stopped working. Can anyone suggest me a repair company? thanks a lot.

started by: Stone-929609 · last update: 1455372209 · posted: 1455285279

Hello. Can anyone recommend a good gardener in The Hague? Thank you in advance!!!

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1453974376 · posted: 1453730190

Hi everyone, I need to buy some interior plants to decorate my new apartment, anyone knows a vivarium in Rotterdam or something similar? Thanks!

started by: Darren-928428 · last update: 1453476132 · posted: 1453471072

Hello. Does anyone know where I can borrow a battery powered drill and the bits sets of 1mm-20mm this weekend for an hour or two?

started by: herringhater · last update: 1451856126 · posted: 1451856126

A lot of expats usually have questions in regards to disposing of their Christmas tree this time of the year. If you're from The Hague area, here is the link to the city's English-language website which provides details about disposing of a Christmas tree (for live trees, not artificial ones).

started by: Kyler · last update: 1450023048 · posted: 1449930159

Hi everyone. Does anyone know a affordable place to buy a lot of shipping boxes?

started by: Brany · last update: 1449489865 · posted: 1449325508

Hi. Anyone knows which website or where can I order a christmas tree online and provide delivery service?

started by: sadhna-928441 · last update: 1448979148 · posted: 1448979148

Hi there, Does anyone know where I can find Kaffir leaves in Rotterdam? Thanks!

started by: Kyler · last update: 1448577211 · posted: 1448533894

Hi! I am looking for 2 bedrooms apartment located in Leiden for 2 persons. If anyone have some suggestions, please send me a PM. Thanks!

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