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Anyone know when Gatwick Airport is re-opening as I have a friend flying in tomorrow via Gatwick?

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Am I surprised, no. Am I disgusted, yes. Yet another appalling indictment of Phoney Tony Bliar's government. British, U.S. kids worst off in industrial world, UN says https://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/files/ChildPovertyReport.pdf The report says that Dutch children are the best off, followed by the Swedish. The criteria compared are, amongst other things, happiness, promiscuity, substance abuse, education, literacy. The British government immediately criticized the report, saying it used data that were out of date. there's a surprise. They've never done anything wrong. Good for Holland.

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Thank goodness for Sarkozy winning. Perhaps France may start moving to the centre right. Socially the country may be pulled screaming into a truly reformed economy.Jer

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Does any one know why the Dutch are SO tall? Is it all the cycling they do as young children?

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euthanasia I would like to hear from Dutch residents, what their thoughts are on Euthanasia. Should it be introduced in the UK?

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So, McLaren was fined. But 100 Million?? Does that sound excessive to you?! Not to mention being out of this season's competition. Just for using confidential information on their competitor? I think this fine is completely out of proportion. People do the most terrible things and get a slap on the hand. BA and Virgin rip us off with "fuel charges" one tells on the other and BA got fined, Virgin got off (also not the fairest thing ever, but never mind). In the case of McLaren vs Ferrari, no consumers were involved or ripped off and to me this fine is just too much! Any other opinions out there?

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