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Hi all-Does any one know the date when dogs are allowed back on the beach? I know it is October, just not sure if it is the middle or end. Any one know this?

started by: spock-779326 · last update: 1476231895 · posted: 1322133932

HiDoes anyone have experience of pet insurances that are available in The Netherlands?Thank you

started by: Travy · last update: 1458952913 · posted: 1456741671

Hey. Does anyone know a dog adoption center in Rotterdam? I looking to adopt a dog. Thanks!

started by: Stany · last update: 1455999781 · posted: 1455878465

Hello Expats, Can anybody recommend a dog hotel in The Hague? Or maybe a dog-walking service company? Thanks in advance!

started by: Stone-929609 · last update: 1454595920 · posted: 1454496254

Hello. Can anybody recommend a trim-salon for dogs in Leiden? The one that actually works during weekends? Thanks!

started by: Gilly-928426 · last update: 1452078193 · posted: 1452078193

Hello, can anyone recommend a veterinarian in Leiden that handles reptiles? I have a small tortoise that could use a check up.

started by: Stany · last update: 1445838822 · posted: 1437647329

Hi. Anyone know where to get a cat. I remember someone mentioned an organisation that offers strays.

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1442919709 · posted: 1435399101

Hi, does someone know in which place I can find beautiful fawn? Thanks!!

started by: Nelson-928979 · last update: 1439740331 · posted: 1439547188

Hi everyone. Does anybody know a good hairdresser for dogs? Many thanks!!!

started by: sadhna-928441 · last update: 1435499222 · posted: 1435227819

Hello! I am going to a trip and I need a place where I can leave my dog for 3 days. Could you recommend me dog hotels or something like this in Rotterdam?

started by: Darren-928428 · last update: 1434106567 · posted: 1434014793

Does anyone know where to get live crabs in The Hauge?

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1433426924 · posted: 1433426924

Hi! Anyone know an affordable place where I can get my cat shaved and trimmed in Rotterdam? Thax!

started by: Gilly-928426 · last update: 1431416648 · posted: 1431416648

Hi fellow expats, I am looking for animal volunteering opportunities in The Hague, any suggestions where to look?

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1430188922 · posted: 1430126571

Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I am looking to adopt a cat. Does anyone know about someone with kittens looking for a new loving home?

started by: Kyler · last update: 1427709156 · posted: 1427709156

My girlfriend and I have recently decided to adopt a cat. If anyone knows any feline friend that is in need of an owner or can give us information regarding adoption here in Leiden, please let us know. Thanks a lot!

started by: Stany · last update: 1427705487 · posted: 1427101539

Hello everyone, May somebody can tell me where I could find a cute bunny to buy?

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1427276068 · posted: 1427275434

Hii to everyone. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good dog trainer?

started by: Scott-928619 · last update: 1424273714 · posted: 1424262736

Hello. Can anyone recommend any puppy preschool classes in English?

started by: Stany · last update: 1423485571 · posted: 1423485571

Hello everyone. Can anyone recommend a reputable dog walker or puppy day care please? Thanks!

started by: abarvoor · last update: 1403920734 · posted: 1402878069

are ther any animal shelters or dog pounds close to the Rotterdam centre where you can adopt a puppy? if not, where are the closest ones to the area?

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