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Hello, I am planning to move to Leiden at the end of summer. I have two cats who are used to go outside (garden and surroundings). Is it safe for them to go outside in Netherlands? Do people usually let them out? Also is it difficult to rent a house that allows cats? Thanks

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Hi everyone- I'm thinking about adopting a dog and wanted to see if anybody is aware of a dog shelter somewhere in the Rotterdam area?

started by: Andrew-518357 · last update: 1388979293 · posted: 1388659658

Hey Guys!! I want to buy sweaters for my cute kitten. Please suggest, they should be specialise in cat apparel and cat dresses.

started by: Stany · last update: 1387362491 · posted: 1387362491

It's first month of kitten in my home. if you own a cat then please share your personal experience with your cat and tell how to make my kitten more active?

started by: Darren-928428 · last update: 1385156615 · posted: 1385124632

I have a cute pair of bunny and I brought it few days before. How to protect them from cats that used to come inside my home from street. 

started by: Ella-779198 · last update: 1380900668 · posted: 1380797168

There is a feral female cat that visits us regularly.  We don't wish to take full responsibility for her, as we have a cat and a dog already, but she seems pretty healthy and it seems a shame if she was caught by the "cat catcher" and put down. Does anyone know if there is any scheme for neutering cats for free? Otherwise we may have to "bite the bullet" and get her to the vet.

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Am I right in thinking that the beaches are back open to dogs tomorrow?

started by: Mirko-780748 · last update: 1378818142 · posted: 1378237597

We have adopted a Bichon cross and the hair around his eyes is always brown looking. Does anyone have a bit of experience to share with us on how to get it and keep it looking nice and clean?

started by: Tamsin-779128 · last update: 1377854621 · posted: 1377778535

Can someone recommend a good dog groomer please? I have a very nervous dog in need of a crop! (The Hague)

started by: Jem-779039 · last update: 1377198061 · posted: 1376671622

Could anyone please help me, my neighbour has a Alsation dog that barks most days all day, does anyone know if I can report this problem to, to get it to stop.

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I'm in desperate need of a cat sitter next week as I'll be away (and so is apparently every other human in Leiden...). Any suggestions where I could find one?

started by: Cassie-778662 · last update: 1371462700 · posted: 1371144314

Are there any in the Netherlands?

started by: Norma Pin · last update: 1371206459 · posted: 1371206459

We have found a baby hedgehog which we think has been abandoned. We have been observing it for 24 hours now and no sign of mum. If we take it in the house what milk should we feed it? Any advice gratefully accepted!!

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Is there such a thing over here and can anyone do this?

started by: Mirko-780748 · last update: 1366052652 · posted: 1365783277

Can anyone tell me what the rules are concerning owning staffies here in the Netherlands please?

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Can anyone tell me if it is necessary to have my dog vaccinated against Leishmaniosis here in the Netherlands?

started by: Fi-778769 · last update: 1364212091 · posted: 1363602202

Does anyone know of a Hydrotherapy centre for pets in the area, our dog is gettting stiff and a friend in the UK swears by it for hers.

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I am looking for suggestions for good dog walking routes in Dordrecht please?

started by: JJ West · last update: 1359570631 · posted: 1359403486

My family want to come over to visit with their Westie and I am in charge of finding a hotel in the Hague in which 'Bob' will be welcome. Any ideas?

started by: Ella-779198 · last update: 1359016049 · posted: 1358788143

We're planning to take our dog to UK. We've had all the necessary jabs, etc. but would like to know how and where the pets are checked. Has anyone had experience of this?

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