started by: Jem-779039 · last update: 1358774736 · posted: 1358071045

Our neighbour normally looks after our cat when we are away and we do the same for them, however we are both away at the same time so need to organise a cattery.  Can anyone recommend one in The Hague area.

started by: Emmacdere · last update: 1355083656 · posted: 1354955282

I'm looking for a puppy trainer who can teach in english in The Hague, at the weekends. Any one have any ideas? Thanks. 

started by: Sarah W-835622 · last update: 1353933840 · posted: 1353061843

Does anyone know of an English Bulldog breeder in the area please?

started by: Bishop-778980 · last update: 1351893101 · posted: 1286524797

Are there any companies that offer this service in or around The Hague?

started by: JPR-778666 · last update: 1350989023 · posted: 1350216314

Can anyone tell me the laws regarding rabies injections in Holland please?  Our dogs have had jabs in the UK which are OK for 3 years but I believe that some European countries have different rules.

started by: CJ-778665 · last update: 1350329771 · posted: 1350044995

Do you know what the rules are -- indeed if they are allowed on trains?

started by: Norma Pin · last update: 1350327317 · posted: 1350305117

I am looking for livery for a poney in the Dordrecht area. Any suggestions gratefully received.

started by: Yaron Caspi · last update: 1349708876 · posted: 1325946255

Hello,I live in Delft with a big dog who does not get along in a group. I am looking for dog sitting services for single dogs at someone's home to leave him while I am traveling for some days. If you know about anything I will be happy if you will let me know to:ycaspi@fas.harvard.eduorY.Caspi@tudelft.nlThanks.

started by: Britney Ferris · last update: 1348645126 · posted: 1348250654

There are a couple of stray cats floating around our garden. They'll take food but they are pretty feral and won't be picked up. Also they're driving our dogs nuts! Who can I contact who might take them?

started by: Snapper-778823 · last update: 1348605272 · posted: 1347634194

I have been using Frontline however it does not seem to be doing the job, has anyone else found this and if so what are you using now?

started by: Mirko-780748 · last update: 1345223550 · posted: 1344848016

Does anyone know of a nice family boarding service for dogs in the Rotterdam area?

started by: arikka-779863 · last update: 1344415838 · posted: 1343550209

Does anyone know of a reputable, family breeder of French bull terriers?

started by: arikka-779863 · last update: 1338891872 · posted: 1338891872

Does anyone know of an association with Russian hamsters up for adoption? I'd love to adopt one or two and I don't want to buy them from a pet shop because it's against my principles.

started by: arikka-779863 · last update: 1336030643 · posted: 1336030643

Does anyone kniw where I can buy one of these for a medium size dog? And also, has anyone used one sucessfully? PS I'm talking about the ones that spray liquid when the dog barks.

started by: Bellamy-778822 · last update: 1335794900 · posted: 1332234227

Recommendations for kennels near Delft please. We have to go away for 2 weeks in May and cannot take the pooch with us.

started by: Harriet-778664 · last update: 1329820774 · posted: 1329561198

Hi We are thinking of keeping a few chickens - for eggs. Are there any regulations we need to know about?Can someone suggest where we can buy some? (We are near Halsteren)

started by: google-779802 · last update: 1327327847 · posted: 1326967368

Does anyone know of an association or shelter with small pets (rabbits, or guinea pigs) to rehome?

started by: Harriet-778664 · last update: 1324367481 · posted: 1324236593

HelloWould anyone have some information regarding the breed Argentinian dog,we would like to ad this butiful creature to our family and would like to know som facts.Where can we by a puppy?Are they good with children?Are they good with other dogs?What are the laws regarding this breed - do they need a muzzle?

started by: arikka-779863 · last update: 1322639056 · posted: 1322069226

I would like to find a kind, gentle dog groomers in the Hague for my rescue dog. If you know of one, please let me know.

started by: Tamsin-779128 · last update: 1321442013 · posted: 1321210060

Can anyone recommend a comfortable kennels where I can put my cocker spaniel in for a week? Near Dordrecht. PS We looked at one but it was rather basic - outside kennels and not much heating!

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