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Hi , Does anyone have experience with a reliable and kind pet transfer company , I have to send my dog to the US..... and not just to New York , it is a complicated journey... Thank you.

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Has anyone seen Feliway in the pet shops? If so can you let me know? I need it quickly so ordering over the net is out.

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Is anyone interested in adopting a cat or dog? I work as a volunteer for an association which rescues cats and dogs from abroad (often they have been hit by a car or bullet). We have many specialised vets here in Holland and that is why they are sent here to be adopted and to be rehabilitated. Would anyone be interested in getting invovled with this initiative or indeed offering a home to one of them?

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Hi,Does anyone out there happen to know if there is a vet in or around Sluis who would be equipped to measure a dog's blood pressure? We are there for a few days and need to have a check made. We can speak German or a bit of Dutch if he/she doesn't speak English.Thanks in advance for the info.

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We are moving to a house in the country with loads of land and I would like to get a couple of Alpacas - does anyone know of a breeder in the South Holland area please.

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I have just discovered a big tick on my Shetland Sheepdog. I have never encountered one and don't know how to get rid of it. Any suggestions please?

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Does anyone know of a Jack Russel breeder in the Hague area?

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Does anyone know where I can buy kitty grass for indoor cats? I live in Rotterdam.

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We have friends coming to stay with us in June, and they're planning to bring their pet dog with them. She's a staffordshire bull terrier. Can anyone tell me whether there are any restrictions here, such as muzzles?

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Our cat gets furballs even though she gets brushed everyday - is there anything else I can do to prevent this?

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I am a student in Leiden and i am looking to take care of dogs or cats (or any small domestic pet) while you are on vacation.Pet will be in my place for the time you're away - will maximum have 3 pets in my place at once.10euros a day or 50euros per week (bring your own pet food)Size of the pet cannot be too big (i.e German Sheperd) must be clean and free from parasites.Personality of the pet cannot be 'dangerous' or 'poisionous' (i.e snakes)Willing to go pick up the pet as far as train ticket is refunded.About myself: I'm Chinese, 22 and I have been stuyding in Netherlands for 3 years. Back in home i used to own 2 dogs and one cat however it is difficult to own a pet while i am traveling. Because i love animals so much i volunteered to walk dogs in the Leiden animal shelter. I have also taken care of my classmates pets while they were on vacation.Saftey and security: I will not let some stranger take away my pet ... so i am willing to 'befriend' with your pet before you leave it to me. You will have a copy of my student card, passport when you leave your pet with me. You can pay me after you've returned. Available ( all year except Christmas, July and August)

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Are there any English speaking vets in the Breda area please as need to register our dog.

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Hi, I am about to move to the Hague due to my job. However, I have a cat that is used to go outside. As I still have to look for a flat, can anyone please recommend me any residential areas in the Hague where it is safe for my cat to go outside? Thanks Julia

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My rabbit eats some strange things such as marzipan, cheese, ginger biscuits - she seems OK but is it bad for her?

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Our cat keeps getting furballs and despite brushing him every day he is till bringing them up. Is there anything we can do to stop this.

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Would anyone know if there are poisonous (of any degree to humans) spiders and/or snakes inhabiting the cities and country sides here? I'm in the Hague, but interested in the info for all of Holland and the Netherlands. So far, I haven't encountered anything particularly scary or worrisome, BUT last night in our flat, we caught one of the largest wolf (I think) spiders I've ever seen and it set me to wondering. I did a Google search, but it wasn't that helpful and I'd rather have info from personal experiences or tips on better websites. Thanks!

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My daughter is interested in getting a companion for her rabbit and thought a rescue centre might be a good place to look. If anyone knows of any rescue centres in the Rotterdam area that have small animals, please let me know! Many thanks!

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Hello, This dog was shot by a pellet gun from an unknown idiot. The dogs is now doing well and we managed to get her a wheelchair. The only thing she needs is loving home. It is very urgent. The dog gets along with kids and other dogs. SHe is vvery friendly and full of life. Please help me find her loving forever home. It is very urgent. For the moment she lives in a shelter with other dogs, She needs special attention and someone to love her.Here is some picture and video of the dog:http://pfmania.altervista.org/Picture294.jpghttp://pfmania.altervista.org/ctscan15.jpghttp://pfmania.altervista.org/new7.jpghttp://pfmania.altervista.org/Picture293.jpghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV_FoCbvrEw&feature=channel_page

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Can anyone tell me what are classed as dangerous dogs here (if any) and what the rules are re muzzling them and keeping them on leads, etc. I ask because a neighbour has a rather aggressive rotweiler that's quite often running around their garden with the gate open. I'm rather nervous about walking my dogs (on the lead) past the gate, as they can be a bit vocal when they see another dog.

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Hi Folks, Has anyone heard of Dial A Dog Wash, I have heard that they are launching over here from The UK. Has anyone else heard about this?

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