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Can anyone recommend a good kennels for our two dogs when we go skiing in January?

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Does anyone know anywhere or anyone who looks after dogs during the day whilst the owner is at work in either Wassenaar , Voorschoten or Den Haag (Wassenaar end)? I've heard of Lobbes in Katwijk - has anyone used them?

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We are having a labrador blonde . He is 8 months now. He is very active , cute and a friendly . We would like to give him away to a nice family who can take care of him.

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Hi folks, I live just outside Rotterdam and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good mobile dog grooming service that preferably will come to my home to give their service to my pet cocker spanial, Norman, thanks for your help, Dave

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We'd like to get a bulldog puppy. Can anyone recommend a good breeder? We've seen some on the internet but would prefer a recommendation from someone who's perhaps a satisfied customer!

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Can you buy them over the counter here at the pharmacy. We have just arrived from France where you can. I can't find the bottle of Metacam which we use to treat our dog for arthritis. We don't need to see the vet just get a bottle of Metacam.

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I saw that Lucie de Delft recommended www.kattenbescherming.nl, which rehouses cats and kittens. I will be translating the entire site into English. So - with any luck the English version will be up and running by March.

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Are all cats micro-chipped here - just found a young cat whuch seems to be lost as it looks well cared for but has been hanging outside my flat for a few days - I have checked with all the neighbours and he/she does not belong to them nor do they recognise it. Is it worth taking it to the vet to see if it is micro-chipped or should I call the local rescue centre? If it does not belong to anyone then I will keep it but want to check first.

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Hello, We have 2 cats who are 6 years old. Because of my work, the cats have been in Mexico, lived in Vienna and are now in The Hague. They are really nice, friendly, healthy and we love them very much. The problem we have is that our baby resulted with a strong allergy to the cats (he has strong asthma) and we cannot have them at home. We have a garden, but it is freezing and we really do not what to do. We are ready to give them in adoption so they can live in a family who loves them and give take care of them, because we believe it is the best for them. Many thanks in advance for your reply. Guillaume MICHEL guimichel@yahoo.com

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I've been searching high and low through the net for info and help for my best friend in rotterdam shes moving back to ireland on the 16th of December shes currently in Rotterdam in holland. Problem is she has a persian cat who she loves dearly and wants to bring to ireland obvousily we need to go through the process of injections and procedures in getting smokey a pet passport we had someone who was going to look after her in the meantime but it has fallen through so now our predictment is a flight booked for tasja to ireland and no where for her cat to go while its going through the process. Ive searched for shelters foster homes organisations....but who do you trust with a much loved family pet and with a year of injections and that needed where can you go that wont cost a fortune:S Myself and tasja are at loggerheads as she doesnt want to give her away can anyone please help me in the right direction as time is running thin. thank you

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Help! Our next door neighbour's dog barks almost non-stop all day, while they're at work - every time someone walks past, in fact, which is often, as we live in a busy street! I had a word with them a couple of weeks ago - explained what was happening. They seem quite understanding - BUT nothing has changed! Can I report it to the local authority, or the police or someone?

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Now that we have got settled we would like to get a dog, would like a fairly active one and a medium to largish size. Don't really want anything too fluffy (my husband wants somethiong he can walk without looking silly (as he puts it). Needs to have a good temperment and from a registered breeder and would get on with our two cats, Suggestions please.

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Hi I am new to the area and would like to do some paid or voluntary work preferably with animals. Does anyone know if there are any animal shelters, animal rescue centres local to Gronigen. I do have a car so travelling within reason would be managable. I love all animals big or small, well behaved or challenging, wiling to get my hands dirty. I have my own 3 bed appartment so could consider fostering or sitting for pets if not too large or noisy. I do have a small resue dog (scraggy)myself so would need to work around caring for her too.Look forward to any informationKind regardsMegan

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Hello everyone, I'm New here my names Sherri I'm from Chicago but have been living in Rome, Italy with my husband and dog for the past 4 years. Well work is moving us to Rotterdam and I'm in need of a dog sitter or boardin/pention. I'm having such a hard time finding any information on this? So any help would be GREAT. I have a 6 year old lab mix named sofia and I have to leave on mini trips for 3 days once and a while for work. Help Please, Thanks, xo, Sherri

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Hello I just wanted to share with you my story with a very dedicated charity called Kattenbersherming Nederland in South Holland which rescues cats. My old cat unfortunately passed away recently, very sad. I went to visit a volunteer who has been raising kittens and younger cats from her home. A lovely kitten called Kelly joined our family yesterday. She has been bottle fed by this lady since she was a few weeks old when she lost her mother. At this lady's she lived with another mother cat and her kittens. This cat family taught her basic cat things like grooming, being houseclean, playing in groups, etc... She is chipped, vaccinated, spayed and was under good vet care. Considering that my last few cats have been elderly cats with challenging personalities that acquaintances could not keep anymore, I am absolutely in love with the dainty purring kitten on my lap as I am typing this. she seems so adaptable and play gently. Kattenbescherming volunteers also petsit cats if you are on holiday. It helps prevent that people abandon their pets and it raises funds for their general cause. They have more cats for adoption at the moment http://www.kattenbescherming.nl/katkitten-zoekt-thuis/ Some of those featured have just found a home but they have more not posted yet because they are under the 13 weeks. You can meet them and see them interact with other cats and humans and reserve them. You always have to sign a contract and stay in touch with them if there are issues and if you just want to share how well the cat is faring with you. Kattenbeschering can always use financial gifts if you are into cats! http://www.kattenbescherming.nl/katkitten-zoekt-thuis/ They were looking for a volunteer to translate one of their website pages into English. Anyone interested? I am not a native speaker of English and my English is more American than British. Have a good day Lucie

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Hey, I m a student from Germany and just started studying here in Maastricht. At home we always had dogs, so I kinda miss them and would love to dogsit for you, still better if I can solve one of your problems that way:) If you don t have time to go for walks or just need somebody to look after your little friend for a couple of hours please contact me: geiger.natalie@yahoo.de I am really used to dogs and other animals, I grow up in a house were we always had at least two dogs, furthermore we have horses at home so I am used to be outside as well:) I would be more than happy to get an email from you, Best Natalie

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We have a new kitten and I took her to the vet today near the British school in Vlaskamp and she was really quite off hand with me, I wonder if she even likes animals, can some one please recommend another one please.

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Hello everyone! My family and I have just moved here from Miami, Florida. We are in need of a kennel or a dog-lover who would be willing to board our lovely, well mannered mutt for a few weeks. Does anyone have any ideas of reputable kennels, preferably in Delft, so we can visit her and give her extra walks? The dog is a 3 year-old, spayed female, about 65 pounds. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Nan McClain

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Hi, I am travelling to Rijswijk for a month with my little god. Unfortunaely I have just discovered that I'll have to take a business trip to Belgium during my first weekend In Netherlands. Could you please advise whether there are any boarding kennels or pet hotels in Rijswijk or Hague who could accommodate my babe for the weekend (17th to 19th or 20th of April 2009) ?   Thank you and hope for the replies, Anastasia

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My parents have a house in Spain and I am planning to go and stay with them for the summer holidays, driving down there. I have a cat and want to take her with me, as I can't get someone to look after her for that length of time. Are any guidelines I should follow? I can't see there would be an issue taking her down but what about bringing her back into Holland?

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