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Hi, I just joined the group.  I'm from Miami Florida although I've been living here for a few years.  I take my dog to St Pietersburg which is great, but today it is closed for an event.  The guy in the orange vest said there was another one by the stadium but I didn't know where that was.  Any tips?  I like St Pietersburg because it's a huge field where Daisy can run and play to her heart's content and find lots of other dogs to play with too.  Thanks!  Jane

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Does anyone seem to find that their cat/dogs get more ticks in Holland than the UK? I seem to finding them all the time on my cat, in the UK it was unusual to find any.

started by: Chad-774180 · last update: 1242244539 · posted: 1240931843

I'm worried about this and wondered if there are any precautions that have been put into place? I don't speak Dutch so can't read the newspapers or understand the news.

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Hi,I am an international student from Hungary. If you have pets and you don't have (enough) time to walk with them or care them just write me. I am living in Leiden, so if you live near to it I really want to help you. I adore animals.Please contact me: andilla87@gmail.comSee you. :)

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Here is a lovely baby angel,looking for a good accomadation in a loving home.She is 3years old.She has a mixed mane and a tail.Her mane is 2foot long so i keep it braided.I am giving her out for sale due to some personal reasons;only to someone who really loves horses. thanks

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Looking for someone who can train my 7 months old puppy.

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There is a canal near to our house where we live and we take bread down to them, but this weekend they were no where to be seen, where would they have gone?

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Just to remind people to leave out water and food for the birds at this time of the year, if you put a ping pong ball in your pond or water bowl to stop that part freezing.

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This is a plea to anyone with dogs and especially cats to keep them inside over the next few nights especially tomorrow night. There will be fireworks everywhere and poor terrified animals inside & outside will shake and shiver in their fur. My cats will have to be sedated as it's so bad where we live. =^.^= Miaow

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Having had an unexpected posting abroad we need to find a home for our 4 year old tabby cat Paws, she is very loving, has been neutered, chipped and has all vacciantions up to date, if you are interested let me know but will only let her go to a loving family.

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My U.K. charity has neutered many Torremolinos stray cats but our two feeders are struggling to feed all the groups daily. Some cats have to go two or more days without food. So any cat lovers visiting the area who could drop food, or have friends living in the area who could do so, would be a tremendous help. All cat food costs supplied by us. Suzanne Paws In Need reg chiarty 1110537 Suzanne

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Apparently we need to register our dog and pay dog tax, where do I go to do this? Thanks

started by: The Tanners-773872 · last update: 1226577010 · posted: 1226574852

Does anyone know or can recommend a Pet insurance company Thanks

started by: Cat Girl-774827 · last update: 1224620376 · posted: 1224166146

As a 'mother' of four cats I need to know if they have IAMS cat food in the Netherlands and I would like to know of a good 'cat vet' in the Voorburg vicinity. Meiow

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Hi- My family has recently relocated to Rotterdam and are looking for a pet sitter/walker. With a young son it is difficult to take the dogs out as often as we'd like and we would like to have someone we feel comfortable leaving the dogs with when we are away. Idealy we would like to have someone be able to stay with them at the house when we go on vacation. We have 2 dogs 8 and 9 yrs of age, very sweet and need lots of love. Does anyone have any suggestions that would care for our babies as if they were their own? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I own a pet rabbit and would like to know if I need a vet's certificate to travel from Germany to Holland! Thanks.

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Hi, need to get some kittens vaccinated, but I"m not sure if they can have a single vaccination and rabies jab instead of the costly triple vaccination? Does anyone have any experience of this?

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Yesterday a white Geerfalcon escaped from his quaters. As he has leather ties around his claws he is likely to get tangled up in a tree. If any one in this area has seen or heard anything please could you email as soon as possible. Thanks Anne Marie. Nick

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Hello Holland I need to buy some medication for my dog. He has been prescribed some pills that are not available here in France. Can anybody give tell me the email addresses of vets in Holland, I could not find any listed on angloinfo. My dog and I would be most grateful of any assistance in this matter. Many Thanks in anticipation Dendadog

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Does anyone know if the vets in Holland give or know about the contraceptive pill for cats?

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