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Hello, We are looking for a friendly petsitter for our older dog and cat in august. We live in Delft. contact me at luciehc@hotmail.com if you know someone who could help with this. A student would be ideal. Thanks Lucie

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Hello I have been away for a few days and wondered what the latest was on the beached whale on Schveningen beach?

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A friend of ours has a cat. It appears this cat is a little bit feral, but nonetheless a normal roaming returning for food type of cat. The other day it apparently went into a neighbours garden and terrified two canaries in an outside cage (by staring at them) at which one of them keeled over and died. This seems to be little bit of a comedy but the neighbours went to the police to complain. Now being good responsible citizens these friends of mine (and by the way they are British) went to the police also, only to be told that their neighbour had indeed complained, that the police were not willing to get involved, but my friends had to keep the cat under control. The question is. how! In the UK, dogs are licensed and therefore subject to control and the law, but cats are not. How does this apply over here in Holland, and what steps do my friends need to take? They could have easily denied the cat was theirs and that it just happened to call by for food occasionally, and lets be fair, that's what cats do. Don

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Believe it or not this weekend I was talking to some other friends and they told me about this one. They have a very mild mannered dog that is getting on in years. They regularly take it for walkees to its business, and always retrieve the output to dispose of properly. The dog has a run of the back garden and has a kennel to sleep outside in good weather. You may wonder where this is going, well lately they have been finding dog stuff in unusual places, like on the top of the kiddies slide in the back garden. The neighbour has a dog and they thought that it may have been a bit vigorous at trying to bury the stuff, or wondered if their own dog may have climbed the slide to do his up there. However, it seems that the neighbour has been throwing their dogs poo over the garden wall in to my friends garden. They think their own old dog may have somehow slipped through the fence and done something in the neighbours garden. How does this stand in law. Are people allowed to return the dung aerially or should they have knocked on the door and asked it to be removed. My friends would have been more than willing to have done this if the neighbours had asked. Don

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I am looking after my Dutch neighour's cat while they are away and there is something wromg with it, I think it's got something in it's poor, it can't put it down. They have left no contact details, is there somewhere I can go like the RSCPA because I am a single Mum and don't have a lot of spare cash if it's serious.?

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I spent a lovely time on the beach this afternoon but a bit concerend by the following 1. Dogs not on a lead quite at liberty to mix with the kids and cock their leg on the odd sandcastle. (nice) 2. A green slime on the waves, which of course concerns me on how safe and clean the North sea is 3. Amazed at how many topless women were 'on display'

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Hi, anyone know of a cattery near Nootdorp (The Hague)

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Hello I have some problems, we are living in a house and we have the canal at the bottom of the garden, this weekend 2 beautiful geese arrive in our garden.  I think they are canada goose but not sure. My two little girl 3 and 7 feed them some bread and rice which they really like. They come back a few more times, but they are not so happy. They became quite aggressive and try to hurt and we are frightened. Now they are in the garden all the time looking for bread, it seems stupid of me to give them bread and some rice but I must make them go away as the kids are now terrified of them and we have pet rabbit (Roger) and we can't let him out because of this geese. Is there some one we call to help us?

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Looking for a dog sitter in the Hague for my 6 month old puppy as I have to go away at short notice this weekend. Preferably somebody with a dog themselves. Any information or telephone numbers would be appreciated.

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We have parents coming to stay and my Dad is a big bird watcher (twitcher?) We live outside of Den Hague, where is a good spot to do a bit of twitching.

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Looking for a 'Tabby' we are outside Rotterdam

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When we go back to the UK we have to go through all the performance and expense of getting my dog's passport up to date, we have to have him checked out for ticks and seen by the vet 24 hours before we travel. If we go to France for a holiday in the summer then do we have the same rules to comply to?

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Hell o we have found a hedgehog outside our back door last night, it seems ok but he/she's been sitting there all day. I don't want to get too close as it's covered in fleas, it's eaten some cat food and bread and milk. Any one know if there is a Dutch 'Mrs Tiggywinkles', like they have in the UK.

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I read somewhere on this web site about someone keeping chickens. I have 2 chickens and would like also like 2 ask a question but can't find the orginal question on the forum.

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I think we have an unwelcome visitor in the house, in the form of a mouse. It's eating the bananas in the fruit bowl. My Husband just left for 10 days for the States. I have a serious phobia about these kind of things, is there some company that would be able to help me out.

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If I have a dog do I have to pay tax on him? I assume it's paid to the local council.

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We have a special needs cat that was boarded in vets offices or taken care of by veterinary technicians while we travelled. The cat pensions here can not offer what we need. Look for someone or someplace our cat can stay for a week while we travel.

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I keep three chickens in my back garden. They seem to be happy and doing well, providing us with eggs in substitution for the kitchen scraps and left-overs. However, one of the chicks seems to be quite poorly and may pop off any time now. This begs the question, where can I get chickens in Holland? The ones we have now came from France with us, where there any number of places to buy them.

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Our beloved golden labrador died in the summer, for Christmas I would like to have a potrait painted in her memory for my wife. Anyone know of anyone who could do this for us, we have lots of photographs of her.

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