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Is it possible to find a Vet that does acupuncture in this part of Holland?

started by: Elaine-772601 · last update: 1191527320 · posted: 1191341796

Does anyone know of a cattery/boarding kennel in or around Heerlen. We need to book our 2 cats in for 5 days. If not does anyone know what a cattery is called over here. The cattery I found seems to be a cat breeder rather than boarding. Thanks Elaine

started by: Rosy-772490 · last update: 1191407034 · posted: 1190841397

Hello, I have relocated to the Netherlands, I bought 2 beautiful tabby cats with me and after a week of keeping them in the house I let them out and they have disappeared, I live in the Wassenaar Kerkehout so if you see them please email me, thank you. Rosy

started by: Thelma-772064 · last update: 1191271519 · posted: 1191271519

To celebrate Animal Day on the 4th October, Ikea will be having some special animal events happening in their Delft store.

started by: Goldie-772460 · last update: 1191255289 · posted: 1191070535

My hope of one ever being built is slowly fading, can some one tell me where I can buy a chicken house to keep them in please?

started by: Rosy-772490 · last update: 1190988294 · posted: 1190847420

Hi, I have re- located with 3 chickens in tow! Where would I find chicken feed for them once my supply has diminished? Rosy

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Someone has sent through a request for information on using coloured bait for course fishing. Would you like to make a posting on this forum? Nick

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Dobermann puppies for sale, Males only available, Black/Rust & Brown/Rust Parents chip Nos.528210001313869 / 380098100483754 Serious enquiries only for these super quality puppies For more info please Email Debbie

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My daughter is wanting to have a rabbit for her birthday, if someone could give some advice on how much work it would involve and are there 'rabbit kennels' we could live it when we go away for our summer vacation?

started by: Sunflower-772293 · last update: 1187299559 · posted: 1187120702

Will I have to have a pet passport if I'm bringing the cats from mainland Europe to Holland?

started by: Goldie-772460 · last update: 1185200949 · posted: 1184956587

We are arriving here soon, is there a limit on how many pets you can bring in?

started by: Thelma-772064 · last update: 1184604504 · posted: 1184589209

I thought that only guide dogs were allowed on the trams but the other day I saw this lady with her dog on the seat next to her!

started by: hermione-772410 · last update: 1182682908 · posted: 1182682908

I am looking for photos to add to my collection of Ouessants. I am fascinated by this little breed and have saught to put together as much information as I can glean from various sources to supply my own interest and the curiosity of the people who meet mine. I would love to hear from other Ouessant owners and maybe get a photo or two. I am not interested in buying or selling this is purely for interest so if you fancy showing off your little sheep then please drop me a line; http://ouessants.blogspot.com http://ouessants.blogspot.com

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Am I right in thinking there are birds of prey flying around in the Hague, the reason is to keep the number of pigeons down

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By the way there are poisonous snakes in Holland, besides the usual venomous men, there is the adder.

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Has anyone heard the story about a gorillia that escaped from the Rotterdam Zoo?

started by: Jennifer-771855 · last update: 1179989483 · posted: 1179577238

Are there any poisonous snakes in Holland?Jennifer

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If anyone knows of anyone who has looking for a home for kittens we would be interested.

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I met this lady walking her puppy as I was walking my dog and we got chatting, she kept metioning a 'bench' for the pup, I really don't know what she meant by that. Can anyone enlighten me?

started by: Georgie-772131 · last update: 1179591738 · posted: 1179585596

This seems to be a common problem in Holland, they haven't got clogs on but they sound like it at 1a.m. in the morning. How do I get rid of them?

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