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We are looking for a home for our 2 guinea pigs due to relocation. They are called Sugar and Spice, and come with cage, water bottle etc.

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Where is the best place to but a new bed? Is it possible to buy a double bed and not a double bed with two mattresses?

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When does it come official in Holland that the dogs aren't allowed on the beach?

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Due to an un expected relocation my friend has a Springer Spaniel looking for a new home. She is chipped and all vaccinations are up to date.

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Does anyone know where there is an Avian Vet I could take my Parrot to in Holland?

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I have a wasp nest in my chimney; anyone know who I should cqll to have it removed?

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For those of you who were interested in keeping chickens I have found a web site where you can adopt a chicken! Have a look at www.adopteereenkip.nl. It costs about 30euro a year

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Has anyone seen a tabby cat in the Batjanstraat, The Hague. My elderly neighbour who owns it (she's Dutch) says it has not returned home for 3 nights now. It is called Anita (the cat) if any likely suspects turn up. Please mail me with any response. Thanks.

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My daughter has beaten me down and I have agreed that she can have a pet rabbit.. Where do I go to buy one in Holland? Where do I buy a hutch? What do they eat? What is the best make of rabbit to buy? All help gratefully received, Thanks

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My cat seems to be constantly plauged with fleas, I've tried all the flea powders, has anyone tried one that works here in Holland?

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I found a stray cat recently and rescued it...she really is adorable but she is ripping my furniture to bits...I've never had a cat before so any advice gratefully received.

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I have a 4 month old collie puppy who is proving very difficult to house train. She is gorgeous and I find it hard to tell her off but it's got to the stage I can't go out because of the mess I am greeted with when I return! Can any one give me any tips please?

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I would like to keep chickens, we have a good enough size garden, where would be the best place to buy them? I've got a book on keeping them but would value any further advice ot tips Thanks

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Hello all, in the absence of a 'Holland North' info, I wonder if anyone knows of a good boarding kennel somewhere near to Harlingen ? (or between there and Amsterdam) Thanks, Ian

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NKC Registered male bulldog puppy for sale. Very affectionate and loving boy, currently in the process of being crate and obedience trained. Up to date vaccinations, travel crate, registration papers and health certificate included with sale. Champion bloodlines..very beautiful puppy whant a person that will adopt my baby

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Hi, I have a very sick cat and will have to be put to sleep soon. Someone was telling me that when a cat dies in Holland you have to have it cremated, does anyone have any experience of this?Thanks in advance Bea

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We are looking for a new home or homes for our two Mini Schnauzers, both female and neutered, fully vaccinated and chipped with passports (985120020082883 & 98510009752805), one is 7 yrs the other is 3 yrs and neither have any medical problems. They are friendly, good with people and children, like walks but also are good if you have limited outside space as very adaptable. They enjoy lying in the sun watching the world go by, are perfectly behaved in restaurants and used to travelling in a car and ferries. We have had to make the decision to give away our dogs as our business now means we are travelling a great deal which is very difficult for them. Able to deliver to you anywhere in France or Southern Holland (we travel a lot!) or bring back to the UK. They will come with all the baskets, blankets etc you could possibly need! Photos available on request – they are really gorgeous!

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