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Hi, Does anyone know a gym for climbing and/or a climber group in The Hague or nearby? Thanks!!!

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Can anyone suggest a tennis racket re-stringer located in The Hague that can turn around a racket within a couple of days. I've been using InterSport, and they aren't bad, it just always seems like it 'they are busy' and so usually can't get my racket(s) back for 4-5 days, which is a pain. Preferable a place open later than 5pm and/or on weekends.

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Are there any Yoga Classes (evening ones) in Rotterdam that are in English?

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My dad's coming over for a couple of weeks soon, and now that he's retired he become addicted to golf! I wonder if anyone could suggest a golf course in the Hague area where he could get a game or three in.

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Hello. Does anyone know where and how I could play table tennis in Rotterdam? Just rent a table with a friend no professional training.

started by: Brany · last update: 1454423133 · posted: 1454406396

Hello. Anybody know a good place to play some basketball in Wassenaar? Not looking for anything too competitive, just want to shoot some hoops and the courts in the parks aren't very nice.

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Hello everyone. I am looking for a place to practice dynamic yoga and/or someone who works with bioenergetics in Leiden. Can you give me an advice?

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Hello. I want to buy some new weightlifting shoes, anyone have any idea where I could get some in Wassenaar?

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Hello. Which stores sell cheap swimming shoes for kids in Leiden?

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Hi. Is there any board game group in Leiden?

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Hello, Does anyone knows a good place for horse riding lessons close to The Hague? Thanks

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Hi guys. Do you know where I can buy a yoga mat for reasonable price in Wassenaar?

started by: Lincon-937547 · last update: 1448114626 · posted: 1447942530

Hi. Any advice on a good swimming pool or sports centre where I can register my 3.10 year old son for regular lessons in Leiden?

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Hi! Does anyone know any good Dutch websites for online shopping (buying a Christmas dress)?

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Hi everyone. Anyone know where I could buy some collapsible hiking poles in Delft?

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Hello, Can anyone recommend a good gym in Delft that is not too expensive? I like to do yoga and spin classes, but also have a decent gym area with weights etc.

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Where is the best park for running in Den Hague?

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Hi. Does any of you know of volleyball clubs in Delft? Thanks!

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Hi. I wonder, if there are any cycle ball players around the Rotterdam? My husband used to play it  at home but here its not known!

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