Euromast Tower



Built in 1960, the Euromast is one of the top attractions not only in Rotterdam, but throughout the Netherlands. Originally 112 metres tall, it was the tallest building in Rotterdam at the time. As the height of other Rotterdam buildings started to exceed that of the Euromast, a second tier was added in 1970, called the Euroscoop. The addition brings the height of the Euromast to 185 metres, making the Euromast the tallest building in Rotterdam. The Euroscoop is a rotating glass elevator in which you can sit and take in the breath-taking views as it climbs from 112 metres to 185 metres (58 stories). Portholes in floor of the elevator let you look straight down as well.

The Euromast viewing tower is open seven days per week. Winter (October-March) 10:00-23:00, Summer (April-September) 09:30-23:00). Last Euroscoop ride of the day is at 21:45. Viewing platforms close at 22:00. Tram #8 (Euromast/EMC).