TASTE Wine Class in The Hague

Wed 29th Mar


This one-evening wine tasting course taught in English at the Hogeschool Den Haag will provide you with a basic knowledge of all the elements which come in to play when tasting and selecting a wine. You will learn about common grape varietals and how to distinguish between them by their characteristics, including colour, aroma, body and flavour.

This tasting course is appropriate for anyone who enjoys wine and would like to know more about successful wine tasting. With the skills you acquire from this session, you will be able to distinguish between different wines, consider elements such as a wine's age and how it was stored, and have a better understanding of the price-quality relationship when selecting a wine.  

Date: Wednesday 29th March 19:30-22:15 

Cost: €55

Location: Hogere Hotelschool -  Brusselselaan 2, 2587 AH Den Haag