Business & Networking Events

Volunteer The Hague Networking Event from Jun 6th 2018 to Jun 6th 2018
Volunteer The Hague will host its first 'Mix 'n Match' networking event of 2018 on Wednesday 6th June from 15:30-18:00 at the 7am Meeting & Conference Center in The Hague city center (Buitenhof). The VTH Mix 'n Match networking events connect members of the international community who are l...
BNI Seagull Networking Breakfast from Jan 4th 2018 to Dec 20th 2018
Every Thursday morning the BNI Seagull networking group meets up for a breakfast session at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague beginning at 06:45. The weekly networking is for both internationals and local Dutch business owners. English is the spoken language. Location: Carlton Ambassador Hot...