Music: Classical & Opera

Delft Carillon Concert from Dec 11th 2017
The Delft town bellmaster plays a carillon concert on the bells in the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk) tower at regular times during the week. It can be heard throughout the old town center. These concerts are every week on:Fridays 19:00-20:00Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 11:00-12:00
The Hague Carillon Concerts from Dec 11th 2017
The Hague's bellmaster, carilloneur Gijsbert Kok, gives a 1-hour carillon bell concert every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12:00-13:00 at the Grote Kerk, which can be heard throughout most of the old town area of The Hague. The best place to listen to the concerts is in the Nutstuin, the garden in ba...