Auto Spares, Parts & Accessories

AMO Automotoren Okésion BV
AMO can supply most auto spares and parts. If not available in store can be ordered for quick delivery. Thomas Edisonweg 55, 5151 DH Drunen.
Automobielmij Spijkers B.V.
Peugeot dealer for new cars and vans. Service and parts facility on site.
Catalina USA Parts
American auto spares and parts available. Keizersveld 54, 5803 AN Venray.
Geevers Auto Parts BV
Auto spares for all German, Swedish, Honda and Fiat marks. De Run 5141, 5503 LV Veldhoven.
RAS - Peter van der Laar
General auto spares for most makes. Energieweg 17-19, 5422 VL Gemert.
Autobedrijf NIVO
Main dealer for Peugeot with full facilities.
Iriks Oosterhout
Main Peugeot based in Oosterhout.