Counselling & Therapists

Shane Roerdink
Services offered include individual counselling, relationship and family therapy, Career guidance  and child and youth therapy.
Bas van Dijk
Psychologist and psychotherapy practice based in Eindhoven.
The connection
Psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychology practice. Based in Tilburg.
Vivid Care
Training, coaching and therapy using the Feldenkrais method and Mindfulness training. Individual and group sessions. Based in Eindhoven.
Saskia Steketee
Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and cognitive behavioural therapist offers counselling and therapy for adults dealing with mental health issues.
Maria van Poppel
Relationship therapy and child & youth therapy and coaching. English spoken.
Dr. Gerard Dekkers
Counselling sessions to  help with depression, anxiety, panic trauma, relationship issues, trauma, bereavement and addiction.
Lia de Laat
Psychotherapy practice based in Tilburg.
Relationship therapy, family therapy and psychiatry services.
Georgette Mulder
Services offered include walking coach, psychomotor therapist and relaxation trainer. Practice based in s-Hertogenbosch.
Marcella Raaijmakers
Psychologist practice offers therapy, coaching and relationship therapy.
Van Haren
Counselling and therapy for young adults and adults dealing with mental distress.