Financial Consultants & Advisors

Tax Globalizers
Expat consultancy office providing support to foreign employees in the Netherlands and their employers. Administrative assistance, advice on taxes and 30 percent ruling. High Tech Campus 48, 1-2.35, 5656 AE Eindhoven.
Accountants, tax advisers and management consultants.
Witlox International Tax Advice
Advice on nternational tax issues and 30% ruling. Open Monday to Thursday. Schadewijkstraat 66, 5348 BC, Oss in North Brabant.
Chartered accountants, pension consultants and tax advisors specialising in international income tax issues.
Tax Globalizers
Tax consultants with knowledge of working with expatriates. High Tech Campus 48, 1-2.35 5656 AE Eindhoven
Koenen en Co.
Accountants and tax advisers operating in Limburg and eastern Brabant.