Football, Cricket, Hockey & Rugby

Still Going Strong Cricket Club
One of the largest cricket clubs in The Netherlands, open to members aged above 40. Hyacinthlaan 27, 5551 AS Valkenswaard.
Knights Rugby Club NL
Heerlen and Brumssum tour team that competes in major 7s and 10s tournaments in Limburg. ASG Sports Fields, Kranenpool, 6443 VA Brunssum.
NAC Breda Football Club
Professional football club that plays in the 19,000 seat Rat Verlegh Stadion, Stadionstraat 23, 4815 NC Breda.
The Elephants Rugby Club
Student rugby club that participates in friendly tournaments and an annual international trip, as well as regular social events. Training twice weekly with Sunday matches. Members welcome. Sportcomplex Eindhoven-Noord, Vijfkamplaan, 5624 EB Eindhoven.
Den Haag GAA Club
Football and Hurling Club for Men and Women. Gaelic Football orginates from Ireland and has 30 European clubs, 4 in the Netherlands including The Hague and Maastrict.
Son Cricket Club
A social and friendly club. Check out for more details.
Heerlen Cricket Club
Two teams playing in Dutch and Belgian leagues, with players from England, India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies and Afghanistan, with indoor cricket and friendlies. Sportcomplex De Kaldeborn, Stadionbaan, Heerlen-Zuid.
PSV Tegenbosch Cricket Club
Practice and league games, with new members welcome. Karel Martelweg 1, Rust Roest Club, Eindhoven.
Professional football club with an 8000 seat stadium. Seacon Stadion, De Koel, Kaldenkerkerweg 182, 5915 AH Venlo.
Rugby Club The Oldfants
Open to older members of The Elephants student rugby club. Sportcomplex Eindhoven-Noord, Vijfkamplaan, 5624 EB Eindhoven.
MSRG Maraboes
Rugby club which has both competitive and development teams, with regular team outings and social events. Sportpark Negenputruwe, Negenputruwe 1, 6218 RA Maastricht.
PSV Eindhoven
Professional football club that plays in national and international leagues. Located at the Philips Stadion, with entrance gates at Frederiklaan 8 and 10a, and Mathildelaan 81, 5616 NH Eindhoven.