Regional Food & Drink

Cafe Sjiek
Restaurant serving salads, soup, seafood and beef dishes as well as traditional regional dishes such as zuurvlees, sauerkraut and game. Open daily from 17:00-02:00. At Sint Pieterstraat 13, 6211 JM Maastricht.
Adriaan De Smaakmaker
Regional food products such as mustards and spreads as well as a selection of British foods; mint jelly, lemon curd and Christmas pudding. Closed Sundays and Mondays. At Sint Pieterstraat 36, 6211 JN Maastricht.
Groente-en Aardbeikwekerij Van Rijssel
Seasonal strawberry picking. Bokt 3, 5633 BG, Eindhoven.
Buitengoed Slavante
Family-friendly restaurant with play park and outdoor terrace. Snacks and regional dishes served. At Slavante 1, 6212 NB Maastricht.