Supermarkets & Grocery Shops

The Night Shop
Groceries, alcoholic drinks, pizzas, ice cream and non-food products all available after hours. Open Monday to Friday from 15:00-01:00, Saturday from 15:00-00:00 and Sunday 16:00-01:00. At Stationsstraat 5, 6221 BM Maastricht.
Discount supermarket. Food products have labels in many different languages. At Baron van Hovellstraat 85, 6221 VD Maastricht.
Amazing Oriental Maastricht
Asian grocery store with a fast food section. Frozen and fresh foods, vegetables, rice and some wine and beers. At Laag Gubbelstraat 38, 6211 CG Maastricht.
Yildiz Plaza
Middle Eastern grocery store selling fruit and vegetables, halal meat, bread and fresh produce. Pizzas, chicken and kebabs to take away. At Holsteinbastion 49, Maastricht.
Supervlaai Breda
Pie shop selling all manner of dessert pies as well as chocolates and ice cream. Online ordering available for delivery.
Supervlaai Goirle
Pie shop for all types of dessert pies with online ordering service for home or office delivery.