Theatre, Music & Concert Venues

Venue for concerts, shows, dance events and comedians. At Veemarktstraat 44, 5038 CV Tilburg.
Nieuwe Nor
Live music venue with regular pop, rock, dance and electro concerts. At Pancratiusstraat 30, Heerlen.
Venue with regular programme of concerts and shows. At Bankastraat 3, 6214 XN Maastricht.
Venue for ballets, theatre, concerts and cultural events. Restaurant with outdoor terrace. At Elzentlaan 50, 5615 CN Eindhoven.
Muziekgebouw Frits Philips
The Frits Philips Concert Hall hosts regular concerts and events. At Heuvel Galerie 140, Eindhoven.
Live music venue for rock, pop and dance music. On-site restaurant and cafe. Situated opposite Central Station at Dommelstraat 2, 5611 CK Eindhoven.