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We are Clipping Path EU provide car image editing likes car clipping path, add shadow for car images, Remove background from images.

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Any ideas how much a Cam belt change is likely to cost me on a Freelander?  Someone at work said €800 but my UK garage said £350

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Hi,  Can anyone recommend a car upholsterer in Eindhoven? We need a new zip for the back of our Suzuki vitara 

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Need my road bike servicing, any ideas where would be the best place to get this done.

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I am flying to UK next week and will need to rent a car. I still have a UK licence and have been told that there is a new procedure that rental companies follow to check licences. Does anyone know what's involved?  

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I see that from July 1st, new legislation allows driverless cars to be be tested on public roads!! Does anyone know which roads (so that I can avoid) them?

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How long can I drive on a UK licence before I need to change it to a Dutch one or can I use it for as long as I am there being part of the EU.?

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Pardon my ignorance but what is UBER taxi's and why are they hated so much by other taxi drivers?  I know they operate in many cities and have caused controversy but why?

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Looking to restore a car which is in the UK at the moment but just wondered if there was a classic car club in the area where i could get some advice from members?

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Can anyone recommend a Crash Helmet make that is small enough for a 2 year old and where I can buy one - preferably a shop so we can make sure it fits.

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Does anyone know of any classic car events in 2015 (Eindhoven area)

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Could anyone recommend a good Chauffeur Service in Breda please.  Not a taxi as it is for a client.

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I read that Government cycling experts are recommending the introduction of a 25 kph speed limit on Dutch bike lanes to curb the impact of electric ‘super’ bikes.  Good, both myself and my husband have been terrorised by people using these 'super' bikes and personally I think they should not be allowed on the cycle lanes - what do other people think?

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Does anyone know if Dutch insurance companies will accept no-claims from UK insurance companies?

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I got flashed by a speed camera yesterday - does anyone know if Belgium has a deal with Holland to chase speeding fines? (My car is Dutch registered)

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I need to replace something on my car and main dealer wants a fortune for it and wondered if their was a vehicle dismantler anywhere around the Maastricht or Breda area 

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I daresay this has come up before, but anyone know if there are any issues buying a second hand car from a private buyer, and re-registering it here? I have my eye on one - much cheaper than the ones in the garages here, but wonder if I could get taxed when I registered it.

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Can anyone recommend a used car dealer in Eindhoven for a cheap runabout for my son who needs one as he has just passed his test.

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Does anyone know of a folding electric bike available here that is light enough to take on an aircraft?

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My brother is looking for a lift to Prague next week. Happy to share fuel costs etc. Anyone going?

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