Afriad of the Black Peters?

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Hi to everyone, I'm new to the site, does anyone have kids who are afraid of the Zwarte Piets? My kids are terrified of them! Troble is they're all over the place at the moment, they sent my little 5 year old into a jibbering wreck.


Vixen-372039 1227530637

Hi there, we first experienced the Zwarte Piets last year, they were at my kids swimming pool handing out sweeties those paper things, they were terrified, i's strange that the Dutch kids aren't frightened of them at all.

delajt-372092 1227737111

Ah, Zwarte Piet again ;-)

This is so embedded into Dutch culture/folklore, everyone is in on this party. Dutch telly has the so-called Sinterklaasjournaal (see ) which is really cool. It is just like the real news, only centered around Sinterklaas and his helpers Zwarte Pieten. This year they are doing something with Red Balloons, and they got Job Cohen (Mayor of Amsterdam) and Ivo Opstelten (Rotterdam) also participating in this!

My kids will drop everything as soon as it is time for the Sinterklaasjournaal (my eldest son (7) doesn't believe in Sinterklaas anymore since 2 months - but the whole thing has him hyped up again!)

It has been a tradition at their school that the "Rommel Piet" (Messy Pete) visits them once a year and makes a mess (turning over desks and chairs, hiding keys of classrooms, etc).

I think I will be a little bit sad when the youngest (4) proclaims he does not believe it any longer.
On the other hand: welcome XMAS crackers and selection boxes and everything christmassy ;-)

disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

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Sounds like it's time for child no. 3 then!


Rach-372838 1227891497

My kids aren't frightened of them from a distance, but when they come close to hand things out they are scared. having said that, my 6 year old is at this moment dressed as one, because school had a big thing going on today, and also everyday at school for the last 2 weeks they have watched sinterklaas journal and he really likes it. My 2 year old isn't sure why big brother has turned black, and definately didn't want to have face paint on like him.

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I'm not an expat but... I expect Dutch children would find Halloween rather more frightening than Black Peters who are quite jolly.
So are they frightened of Black Peters but not of witches and walking skeletons? Tough kids!

Fiets-372043 1228298717

My ones are frightenend of the Peters, they are frightened to go upstairs on their own or downstairs to check their shoes in the morning. I think the ghost fear is a bit different, mine don't have so much of a problem with that, the Peters seem to be around for ages..not much longer to go and they'll be gone then we won't have to listen to the songs anymore!

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