Attacked while shopping!

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Hi, i just had to write about this, i took my 3 girls shopping in den hagg whilst walking along the shopping street 4 girls of about 18 started hitting my 12 yr old with her bags, we just carried on and ignored it then they pushed us apart and hit my daughter in the ribs, and tried to steal my other daughters ipod. We went into a shop and they followed so i told them to leave us alone and that i new what they where upto. We had a lot of abuse back about being english ****s . We carried on to the top floor of the shop,my daughters were very upset. We finished shopping and paid as i was paying they came behind us and pushed my daughter (12) flying into the counter, i saw this and told them to pack it in and it was not suitable behave that way, then the next thing my other 12 yr old is being thrown across the other side of the shop,the girl also raised her hand to hit me in the face .i couldnt believe this and made a big fuss and told the shop assistance that we were being attacked. .We left while the assitant was talking to them and quickly got the tram home. They did this in daylight and in a shop!! My poor girls are so shaken and i am too as they did this to them with me there. I just felt i had to share this with other families. regards mandy


Dawn38-373759 1219364424

Hi Mandy

What an awful experience. I have not heard of anything like this before in Holland. I just hope nothing this does not happen again to you. Generally I have found the Dutch kids, although at times a bit unrully and noisy, generally very respectful.

This must have been a rare one off experience.


mandy-373811 1219397218

Hi dawn, i have been to rotterdam centre a lot and we have never come across this before and this was the first time we went into den haag.

Its a real shame because now my daughters dont wont to go out on their own, especially my 16 yr old.

regards mandy

annie-371423 1219657018

What a terrible experience! A few weeks ago my son was on the Maliveld(not the safest place) and they were also approached by sme guys who asked them for money then to hand over their mobile phone, they had a knife. Fortunatley they had the sense to do this, and escaped unharmed. I would advise you to go to the police and report this. The Hague is known as the city of "Peace and Justice" The Hague Council is working to help expats living and working in The Hague to feel safe in their surroundings.

Rach-372838 1219752106

I can't believe that, especially in daylight, and girls!!! I would have phoned the police immediately. By the way, if someone hit my kids (only aged almost 2 and almost 6) my instinct would be to let rip at them and hit them back, even though I am not a violent person. I guess the ridiculous system of police and justice (England also) would have meant me being in trouble. Mind you, if anyone hit my kids I would do it anyway!!

mandy-373811 1219766569

Hi, yes i wonted to but i knew i would be in more trouble as i am much older than them and i just wonted to make sure my girls were safe and get the hell away from them, also i couldnt believe how shocked and shaken i was, it sort of stop my reactions of what to do, if that makes sense.

regards mandy

Rach-372838 1219828593

I can imagine you were shopcked. I hoe that it hasn't put you off going shopping again as I am sure (I hope) it was a one off. I told my husband (who is Dutch) and he said that people no longer bring up kids, but go off to work and expect the crech to instill a sense of right and wrong, but it doesn't happen!

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