Baby information Fair in Delft

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Hello, I wanted to confirm the information on the agenda that there will be a baby information fair in Delft on Saturday October 11 at the Grotius College at Juniusstraat 8 in Delft. It is called the Delft MaMa multicultural baby information fair. The official opening is at 12:00 and the event will stop at 16:00. Parking for cars and bikes is available. Free entrance to workshops and presentations from local organizations ( Dutch and expat) for women who plan to be pregnant, are already pregnant and have a newborn baby. The Reinier de Graaf maternity ward, the Consultatie Bureau (baby wellness clinic) Careyn kraamzorg (home nurses who take care of the baby and mother after the birth), baby massage, 1st aid for infants and children (Dutch Red Cross Rode Kruis and Great expectations), osteopath specilialized in babies and children, childbirth preparation and a lot more! The list of participants will be available next week on the frontpage of our website at . A couple of workshops in English are to be confirmed by then. This fair is organized by Delft MaMa (Delft Maternity And Motherhood Assistance) and is sponsored by the City of Delft and Foundation 1818 and Skanfonds. Hoping to see some of you there, Lucie


Luciededelft-373544 1223681664

Hello these are the courses, organizations coming to th ebaby fair which will be held in english

carrying your baby on your back using an African sling (workshop in English and sale)

intro to breastfeeding in English, lactation consultant available for breastfeeding are of the beurs (bottle feeding is of course in the same area)

videos about childbirth kraamzorg, consultatiebureau and baby care

doula (birth coach) fluent in english

osteopath specialized in babies and children (12:00 - 14:00)

baby massage instructor fluent in English

flyers from great expectations (first aid for parents of babies and children, childbirth preparation and baby massage)

flyers in English about importance of taking vitamine D during pregnancy if coming from sunny climate and of a darker complexion from non profut org run by medical doctor in Delft (important even if yuou are not pregnant but can affect mom and baby if deficiency in vit D)

all the other presentations and workshops will be in Dutch

more details? go to

hoping to see some of you there


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