Centre Parks

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My kids and I will be on our own this half term as my partner is going away, has anyone tried any of the Centre Parks in Holland?


Exhausted Mum-372821 1223316345

HI Angel, we have been to Centre Park lots of times, we even sometimes go up to the one at Zandvoort for the weekend. They are excellent, but if you want to do all the other activities I recommend you book them before, well before you go otherwise you'll have disappointed kids.

Rach-372838 1223383401

Hi, we were used to the centreparcs in England so when we went to the one in Zandvoort I was dissapointed, but I have heard good things about some others, will get back to you when I ask my neighbour which one she was telling me about. We went to Landal ?? rabbit hill a couple of years ago, in the south (ish) and thoughj it was very good and the cost was less then centrparcs here.

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