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Hi, when my 5 year old becomes 6 in October I am not sure what to do for his birthday, any ideas?? In England we always hired some kind of hall and had magicians/bouncy castle/punch and judy, tjhat type of thing, and of course food. I have spoken to a couple of mums and I get the impression that it is often at the childs house (but I guess then numbers are a bit limited) and that they play games and eat cake, and also that the parents don't stay. All of this sounds quite terrible to me, for a number of reasons. 1) lots of kids in the house (especially the lively ones that seem to have no manners) would be a nightmare, 2) friends round isn't what my son is used to, we have always made a really big party for him (not necesarily expensive, although it does usually end up so), but just special for him 3) all the mums leaving, oh my God, I don't speak nearly well enough Dutch to cope with that, and lthough my husband is Dutch, there is no guarantee that he will ne in the country. So my questions are, any ideas, do people hire halls, we are in Nootdorp. Also anyone used any kids entertainers?? also those ball pool type things, do they hire them out for sole use, and how rude (will I be banished and the talk of the playground) if I ask the parents to stay, or should I just discretely ask a few of the mums who I know a bit better?? any thoughts appreciated, I know it is a long way off but better to be prepared!!


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Usually you invite the number of children according to the child's age, So therfore 5 years old is 5 children invited..

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Lots of ideas for a perty here: Children's Parties

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This is true about the Dutch kids inviting only a few children.

My child is at an International School, there are 11 girls in the class. One dutch girls was 9 and she invited 9 kids and left 2 out. My child was one of those. Imagine the tears and traumas we had that night.

I really felt it was unfair to leave out two girls, in my view I would have invited all of them. I was so fed up I feel like having a huge party next year and do something really exciting and invite 10 girls and leave out one.. guess which one ..tempting eh? but I'm not like that.

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thanks for the advice, I know my son would probably want to invite the whole class, and would struggle to pick 6 kids only. That is really mean what that girl did, leaving 2 girls out, I can't believe the mum allowed that.

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Hello, if you live in Nootdorp check out this great toy store where you can rent games for birthday parties.

The owners are very service oriented and would explain you the games if you went and asked.

A friend of mine hired a Dutch teen girl to help with games and translate with the kids, that might relieve you of a lot of stress.

If you would prefer the party to be outside of your home check out the indoor playground in Delft to have the party there.

Good luck! My son is turning 5 this December and I haven;t figured out yet what to do. Last year was very low key apart from the pinata (string pulling model) but that was very short!


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Hello I was at an event today and the girl doing the face painting was really good! She works for a kids' party business. Their site has at least one page in English.

Good luck


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If you need a caterer I can help you. Let me know.

I can imagine how being left on your own with a bunch of kids can be quite scary but I don t see why not change a bit the Dutch rule and invite the mums to stay as well. Some migh say yes.

If I do the catering I will stay all the way through the party and I wouldn t mind helping with the kids as well.


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