Christmas Crackers and Christmas Puddings

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In the new C1000 in Wassenaar they have Christmas crackers and Christmas Puddings for sale, not over priced either.


Lena-372562 1228387903

Hello, I was only at this shop for once by foot because I can not work out how to get to the car park, would someone be able to tell me how it works?

Josey-371737 1228399139

It's quite easy, you go along the van Zylaan Nevelstraat, not sure of the spelling sorry, but it's the road that leads up tho the Wassenaarseslag, (the beach) and you take a left into the van Hogendorpstraat, there's a big underground car park in front of you. It gives you 2 hours free parking if you put on of those blue parking discs in the window.

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