Clothes for an Orphanage

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I am moving house in the summer and have loads of kids clothes and toys to give away, does anyone know how I can contact someone so these clothes can find their way to an Orphanage in some where like Romania or Poland.


Jilly U-371326 1213179187

Usually the Chruches and Charities will help take them listed here:

There are also Kleding bins near supermarkets and recycling points.

Luciededelft-373544 1217062589

Hello, there is a non profit organization which collects clothes, toys and other donations (like eye glasses) from Wassenaar (The Netherlands) for several Polish orphanages. More details? Visit their website at

It is a really great cause and the team does wonders for those children.


bluewaters-372811 1217262713

Hi Smartie, there is a teacher at the British school (on hols now I would suspect) who has a contact with an orphanage in Romania.

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