Dog Poo Free Park

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Hi, I live in The Hague and was wondering if there are ANY parks I can take the kids to this holiday where we don't have to continually wipe the dog poo off our shoes?


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There are a couple of parks you could try. There is one on the way to Wassenaarse Slag that has some quite good play equipment in it. Is supposed to be dog free at the top end of Van Zuylen. How about trying De Horsten, the Queens Park on Papeweg. Its has a lovely thatched tea house that is lovely to take the kids to. There is definitly no dogs or cars allowed so you need to walk a long way to enjoy it.


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Hi there, can recommend the Horsten Park on the way to Voorschoten. We can cycle it from the Hague takes about 25 minutes. Not a dog in sight. There's a tea house where you can have afternoon tea, all very civilised!

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