Go Karting Party

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Kids want to go to Karting instead of having a party this year for their birthday - any ideas as to where I can do this around Maastricht please.  Kids are aged 10 to 12 and about 12 of them.


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We have been to this one in Amsterdam, bit far but did make a great day out, especially for the kids as they had a great time in the kiddies area. http://www.dierenbescherming.nl/index.php  or take a look here http://www.kart.nl/mogelijkheden/karten-voor-kids.html site is in Dutch though.

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Not sure I could cope with taking 12 of them to Amsterdam even though it soinds ideal.   The one at Dorttrecht is too far as well.  May have to have a re-think on this.  Any suggestions welcome for an alternative.

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