I want to learn French, not Dutch

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I am in total admiration of the Dutch and how good at languages they are, they speak not only English but French fluently as well. Must be the teaching at school. Anyway, I am ending my 1 year Dutch course and have to be honest that I have found it a huge struggle and a difficult language to master, even the teacher agreed that I hadn't really ever got to grips with it! So next September I would like to learn French, as we think we may buy a house there eventually. Can someone recommend a French teacher in around The Hague or Rotterdam area. Thanks :-)


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Sorry to be a wise-ass, but when you hear "even the teacher agreed that I hadn't really ever got to grips with it!", shouldn't you consider another year of Dutch? I know I know, you are considering moving there, but the fact is, you are still -here-. (you never know what will happen)

There is a reason behind me saying this (of course), from my perspective, the difficulty in learning would be:

1- English
2- Dutch
3- German
4- French
5- Any other language

As for us doing all these languages, well, English is mandatory to exams, German and French are mandatory the first three years. (I am talking about the 80s/90s, god knows what they do at schools nowadays).

Not everyone realizes this, but Dutch has it roots in German, French and English languages.

Here is a fun Wikipedia entry:

(NSFW-ish Text ahead)

Guess where the phrase Nookie came from?

disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

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Hello if you are still looking for French lessons, I can recommend a really good private tutor in Delft. Her name is Betty, she is originally from Paris but has lived in The Netherlands fro many years now, teaching French as a second language for several language schools. She has a lot of experience, speaks very clearly and is very pleasant.

Good luck with Dutch and French



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Thank you Lucie,

I would like to have her details if possible please


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