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Hi we are in the final stages of packing up and leaving for the Netherlands in a couple of weeks for the school term. We have decided to put our kids who are 13 and 15 into the ISH as they will be following an IB programme but I have now seen that the BSN are doing the IB from September as well. Weighing up the 2 schools I was wondering if anyone had first hand experience on either school.


Carrots-372289 1218451044

The BSn are only starting the IB this September, and I know no one who is putting their child in for it. We went to an information evening about it earlier in the year and it didn't feel me with much confidence, the teaching didn't seem to come accross as particularly well thought out. I think most parents will see how it pans out and perhaps put them in for it later on?

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I would have the cost was a huge factor, the BSN is nearly 3 times the cost of the ISH! I have friends whose kids go to the ISh and seem to be very happy with it. Good luck with your move!

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