Koffie House or Not?

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Ok what is the difference between a Koffie House where you go and have a nice cup of coffee or the other sort where you can buy other addictive substances, are they called the same name?


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rule of thumb here: if it is called a "coffeeshop" (or something similar) then it is not what you think it would be. Also look for the telltale signs of cannabis leaves on the windows/door/etc. A Koffie Huis will never call itself a coffeeshop unless the owner thinks he a is funny guy.

Oh, and you can call it weed/cannabis/herbs/ganja/whatever, these soft drug stores are semi-legit, meaning they are allowed to sell the drugs, but possession of more grams than allowed will get you fined, same goes for the shops themselves.

disclaimer: I am not an expat or English.

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Oh common not another one, what has happened to intelligent questions, a koffie shop is for weed, ein koffie haus is for coffee, actually you can get coffee in both!


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