Low Sperm Count

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We had devastating news this week concerning my husband's sperm count and the only option we have talked about and have been advised to follow is IVF. Is there anyone who has had experience of this in Holland and possibly know what the chances of success areGrateful Thanks k


Josey-371737 1200480240

They have IVF treatment at the Bronovo which is the Hospital in The Hague. I'm not sure what the waiting list is like, I will try to find out.

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Hello K, I am reading your message just now. I hope that you were able to find good advice since you posted it.

This website has a list of all IVF clinics in the country which have different waiting periods for treatment. I know a British lady who tried treatment both in the UK (3 attempts) and here. The clinic here identified what the issue was and she now has two healthy daughters.


All the best on your way to motherhood,



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I found a list here:

Cloggie-371313 1218236864

My husband's sperm count was below average too, and it took some time and lots of practise but I conceived twice. Admittedly with 4 years in between, but who cares... Never give up! Good luck with whatever route you choose :-)

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It appears that generally sperm count seems to dropping. Has this got something to do with stress, chemicals, pollution and so on.

I have no trouble with my sperm count, being of a slightly older generation, which is why I shot off to get a vasectomy.


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