Places to Breast Feed a Baby

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My sister in law is coming to visit with a 6 week old baby, we were wondering if there are places you can go and breast feed like you can in the UK? Do the bigger department stores have a breast feeding facility?


Josey-371737 1221593779

Yoy would think that in a forward thinking country like the Netherlands they would be geared up for this sort of thing but I have to say the only place whee they have a facility was in Prenatal in Mega Stores (near to the Hague) I would love to know if there were anymore places.

Luciededelft-373544 1221634172

Hi Andy, I believe that IKEA does have a breastfeeding area.


Sandy-372407 1221645615

Yes it does have a breast feeding area, a nice one too, but saying that the Dutch shops are not geared up for breast feeding like the UK are. I have a friend who breast fed her baby in a quiet corner of a well known department store and was 'told off'!

Rach-372838 1221646616

I have never had a problem breast feeding here or in the UK. I do know of other people who have had funny looks, and even someone who was asked to leave a cafe (in England) because she was breast feeding. I have to say that if anyone was stupid and ignorant enough to ask me to leave somewhere I would just refuse, I would like to see someone try and manhandle a mother and baby out of a cafe!! if it was me I would say lay 1 finger on me and I will have you up for assualt!! they should then back off! Your sister in law has such a young baby thatshe can feed so discreetly I doubt anyone will even notice. I hope she enujoys her stay.

Lucy-371420 1221650577

I had a baby here and used to have dash everywhere between feeds, I did do lots of feeding in the car but it wasn't easy. This was before the days that Albert Heijn used to do home delivery, that would have made life easier for sure!

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