Pregnant and nothing to wear :(

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6 months pregnant, husband's company Christmas dinner on the horizon, any idea where to get something a bit glam? Don't say pre natal, I've tried there thanks.


Josey-371737 1228398690

They don't seem to have maternity clothes in Holland, they just get a big scarf and tie it over the bump to cover up the space in between.

Kelly-371545 1228472790

Try Promis, they have a nice selection of Maternity clothes, something a bit more dressy for your dinner?

Luciededelft-373544 1228482492


These Delft stores specialize in maternity and babyware and are more chic than average

don't hesitate to call them up to ask them what they have for parties

I know that the staff members at Piekabooe are very customer friendly and can often order items for you.

Good luck!


LindseyN-374345 1228918932

When I was pregnant here I went to H & M, they had a maternity section...since it's nearly party season, I am assuming they would have catered for pregnant party people!

Hope you find something!!

Oceanmonaco-372474 1229286744

Have a look at with collections like mama-licious and queen mum you should be able to find something fabulous!

Luciededelft-373544 1229466493

Hi Blooming,

Have you found the outfit of your dreams or are you still looking?

Take care


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