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Hi all we are in the process of finding out about the Dutch equivalent of preschool, called peuterspeelen (bad spelling probably). Children go there from 2 years and 3 months and 4 years. The amount you pay is based on your wage, but to be honest most people will be in the top amount (3,000 euros a month or more). It will cost us 32 euros per morning session (2 and a half hours). I am stunned, I think that is hugely expensive, especially as in England it is free from 3 years till 5 years, and that is 5 sessions a week if you want it and also if you want extra it is about £7.50 a session. How do they get away with it here?? we are now seriously considering whether a) we can afford it, as 1 morning a week isn't great for a child, they really need 2 so that they get into the swing of it, and b) do we want to spend 250 - 300 euros a month on this, that would pay for our flights home and god knows what else!! what are anyones thoughts on this??


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It does seem a huge amount of money, but I think a lot of pre school care is able to be reclaimed in your tax return. May be worth finding out.

It seems that some of the private International pre schools would be come out cheaper.

There's a list here: Nursery Schools, Creches & Kindergarten

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Thabks for that, will check out the tax situation. It hadn't even occured to me to send him to an international private one, but I had a look at the International ones and there is one near us, and it is less than half the price!!! so thank you.

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hi, which one have you found? could you give me some references? I'm moving in next January and we would like to send our little one to the nursery as we do at home, but we also found them awfully expensive


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For us we chose The Windmill, very friendly for us

Thank you

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Hi, we haven't been to see any but there is an English speaking one in Risvjick (I think I spelt that wrong!!) which wasn't too expensive. But if you are moving here for work, then your work and the government will pay towards child care. There are also a few playgroups where you go with your child, so a good way to meet other mums and for the child to socialise (and about 3 or 4 euros per session). We haven't been to any yet but plan to. We got the list from a website called passionate parenting, type that in and you will find it. Let me know what you find out?? where abouts are you moving to?

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